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Need PANDAS Literature for IEP

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Hi Guys,


I have a 10 yr old DS with Autism and PANDAS. I have to sit an unexpected IEP meeting tomorrow due to my son needing to be restrained for a rage at school.

I want to explain PANDAs to them and ask them to put some accomodations in place to help him calm down, transition better and deal with OCD etc.


Can someone please send me some links to

1) explain PANDAS

2) discuss how it could affect or impede educational/social progress


Thanks ,



please send to:


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There are some studies and such in the pinned thread at the top of the forum.I would bring enough printouts in the evnet you have some know it all who has the nerve to say it doesn't exist since they've never encountered a child with it.


PANDAS Fact Sheet






Columbia Mouse study




Recent NIMH posting





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Be careful. Our district doesn't believe in PANDAS by the way they have treated me in the IEP. They are threatening me over his diagnoses being too many and what is next since he has everything under the sun? I am worried. If you know too much they will acuse you munchausen by proxy.

How'd it go today???

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