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Night Sweats

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I should clarify that I've only noticed the night sweats in my kids since treating for LYME. I walk into their rooms to give them their last dose of antibiotic while sleeping and when I picked up on the sweats. I do not have them 'night sweats' with treatment but they still think I have Babesia.

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Yes, they look like the one next to the dime. I have three on my stomach and now three on my chest. They anticipate I'll get more as I undergo treatment.



The one next to the dime is what I have on my stomach/chest (10-15 of them). The other picture looks more like sores.

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Yes, our son experienced night sweats. We would check on him during the night when he was sleeping and his hair would be soaking wet. He would also complain of leg pain, but he was not getting any taller so I know the pain was not from growing. The night sweats and leg pain are gone now - I hope this will pass for your child, too.

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