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Parents and Flue shots recommendations

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Are or have any parents gotten Flu shots? I'm trying to decide if I should get one.

We have never gotten flu shots and do not plan to. They are full of toxins and apparently they don't really work in preventing the flu. My doctor says tens years of flu shots will triple your chances of getting alzheimers due to the mercury in the shot. We had great success using holistic methods to fight the flu last year and my kids had H1N1 and it lasted a day or two. We used chinese herbs and tea, extra vitamin d when they were feeling sick, probiotics and vitamin c. I know this is controversial but this is what we are doing and I have a lot of confidence in my MD who advises against the shots.

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I've never even thought about the flu shots for myself and my husband. My one son has had his last week at a well visit, and my other 3 are getting theirs next week.


I guess this is something I should discuss with my husband. He got the flu pretty bad last Oct, and a couple of weeks later was dealing with panic attacks for several weeks. So, I'm guessing that the flu shot would be good for him too.

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Mercury can cause or aggrivate autoimmune disorders, so most for most families here, mercury would be the last thing on earth they would want. Over 80% of all flu shots have the full amount of thimerosal (mercury based preservative)in them.


My kids are already vaccine injured, we have given enough to the herd, no more shots for us either! That's all we need is for me to go down with a vaccine induced neurological injury! OYE! :o

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