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My daughter has done fine in school all the way up to the 3rd grade. She is now starting to fall behind in her grades and I am very concerned. Is a learning disability something that a child is born with or can it develop at a later age? Maybe she is just having a difficult time with her teacher and there is nothing wrong with her learning. I have tried talking to her about it, but she acts as if her grades are fine. Any advice would be appreciated.

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<_< It's common for third grade to be the age-period when academic weaknesses really start to show up. If she had a true learning disability you would probably have heard something before this. Maybe you can see excatly what shes has trouble with. Usually it is one or a combination of reading, math and writing. Cursive sometimes causes problems and kids stop wanting to do work if they can't write well. (I see an another post on this topic).


Since she doesn't seem troubled by it, I would give all the support I can, talk to the teacher more, and remember that everyone isn't a great student--that;s why average is the norm! She sounds like a good kid.


Take it easy --from some who has been there. . .

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Thanks for the advice Roman. I hope you are right and she is just having trouble with certain areas. I think I will contact the teacher and set up an appointment to see what we can do to help resolve the problem. Thanks again for the words of encouragement.


Best Wishes,


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