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Hello everyone,

Last week I posted that our dd6 was going through a relaps

post 8 months IVIG

and I am so very very happy to say that she has come out of it

we did two weeks of abx's and we were getting ready to start her back on

a steriod burst and it was gone

She kept telling me that she was going to have a good day

and she was not going to cry so much and she was right

it just left little by little.

So we have waited a week and she is going back to school on Monday

so we will see how long it takes her to get sick again

but she LOVES school so she needs to go.

Thank's everyone

I pray for all of our kids


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Wow..another good news item...

AND..it is great she can articulate that she can feel what direction it is heading...

THAT alone is huge...if she can now recognize the bettering...maybe you can talk to her about what it feels like, or if can figure out when it be coming back....

So happy!!!!


oh..what abx did you put her on and what dose for what weight...thanks

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So glad to hear it. It sound like she likely had some infectino brewing and you got to it quickly. Do you know where she typically gets a strep infection? throat or sinus or other? My dd got a sinus infection post 2nd hd ivig and she was spiraling downward till we added Augmentin back in and then 24 hours later she woke up saying she felt SO much better. Then over the next week she stayed the same then the following week things began to improve again. Best of luck to you!

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