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Magnesium lactate


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I know alot use magnesium for tics, mostly in the form of citrate. I have read that the lactate form is better absorbed without giving a laxative effect. I'm trying it out for my son now...i actually thought the first week was good, but it did not sustain, so not sure if it had anything to do with the mag lactate. I have used Natural Calm in the past (citrate)....don't think i can say anything one way or another, but i know i can only give so much or he has a laxative effect, so not sure if it is absorbing good enough. i got to thinking maybe he just needs to absorb more?


anyone use it or have any further info?

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The lady at our Healthway was telling me to try Mag. Lactate too. Her son had OCD really bad and is now in college working on masters, and she seemed to know a lot about TS and OCD connection. Itold her how we too saw a benefit in some vits, but then they seemed to not help anymore. I still cannot give Natural Calm without what appears to me as an increase in vocals. Last time I tried was this summer.



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