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My dd8's cam score is 139. She was not in exacerbation at the time of the draw. Her symptoms are very different than her brothers. She has sensory issues with clothes, shoes, noises, trouble sleeping ( that my son did/does have). We have an appt with dr L at the end of the month. My question is if this is PANDAS. My son who is definintly PANDAS had more classic symptoms such as seperation anxiety, rages, changes in hand writing, chorea movements of fingers and toes and a vocal tic. My dtr does not seem to have any chorea movements or tics. Do you have to have specific 'symptoms' before an elevated score is considered PANDAS?


The reason I'm asking is the results said:

"you will see that she falls in the lower half of kids that tested positive for pandas.  She is above normal but below the median score. "


So, since she is below the median and in the lower half of kids testing positive, does this mean it is not definitely PANDAS? I just want to prepare myself for whatever the answer might be before our appt with Dr L.

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