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going to son's pre-op appt. today for upcoming T & A

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Both my pandas ds and my non pandas dd had theirs out. My non pandas dd went first and I had talked to the ENT at that time about pandas (he was great, took his computer right out to see what it was as he had not heard of it)... When I asked about antibiotics he told me that it was standard procedure for him to use iv antibiotics during the surgery and to prescribe one weeks worth of antibiotics for after surgery. He agreed for both my kids to do a week pre surgery antibitics as well because I had a few concerns about my non pandas dd as well. I really am surprised that your ENT does not use IV antibiotics during the surgery just as standard procedure and is so unwilling to do so for you.

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Colleen, I tried to pm but it said you can't get msg's (in box full?).


There is a microbiologist at U. of Minn. that might be interested in PANDAS tonsils. Send me a msg. and I'll give you his name. It is something to consider esp. if your ENT is still balking at culturing.

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My son's T & A is this Monday and he has developed an eye blinking tic that has gotten worse all week. He is 7 and started showing signs of PANDAS around age 3-4, but he has never had tics until about 2 months ago when he developed a tic where he rubs his hand on his nose and mouth (thus rubbing in any and every germ that is in his school...). This week the eye blinking started. he has been on daily zithromax for TWO years and we added Augmentin 400mg/ twice per day last week.


I am scared enough to have to go through surgery for him, but now I am terrrified that he has strep somethere and it will be released in his blood stream during surgery. My ENT will not give IV or injects of antibiotics.


I guess my question is, did anyone's child develop tics right before surgery and were they OK after surgery.



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