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Saving Sammy in paperback

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Wanna join me in buying copies of Saving Sammy in paperback & sending them to doctors, OTs, SLPs, ENTs, school personnel, libraries, etc....? It's due out on Tuesday per Beth Maloney's email. I'm planning on buying at least 10 copies (probably more) & donating them in the medical community (& periphery) to help spread the word that this thing is real. We're undx'd (ds/6) & have gone thru 2 doctors now since my Thurs appt didn't go well (so I'm gonna get the opportunity to cross a 3rd off my list soon I guess). When I saw that the book's coming out in paperback, I thought that buying copies & distributing them to people who should be aware of it is the least I can do while I wait for help. Maybe I can make it easier for someone else to be taken seriously. I can't force them read it, but I can buy it for them.




P.S. Maybe we could even swap lists to send to some doctors or school personnel who will know it's from us even if we send it anonymously. ;)

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I will likely buy a few copies to have on hand and lend them out/ and/or give them as gifts. (I already bought an extra hard copy for lending).

I will probably give a copy to our school adjustment counselor so she can lend it out as well.

We have a small local bookstore that doesn't always stock anything but best sellers - so I may try to get them to display a copy as well.

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