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My son is currently taking 250mg 2x per day of Penn VK prophylacticly. A student in his class had strep in her family and then she went home with a very high fever yesterday. I have told him to double his dose- 500 in a.m and p.m. Would would you do?

How do you typically address the strep exposure issue? He has no symptoms of strep or of an exacerbation. I honestly don't feel like he would have an elevated titer which he has shown in the past after showing symptoms. The doctors would really not do anything without a positive culture or titer and since my son has really done well so far this school year I don't want to take the chance of an exacerbation. So a really long way to ask what you usually do. How do you handle exposure but not an actual flare.

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In the beginning, when I knew my dd had pandas ...I wanted to increase the antibiotics right away when I knew she was around someone with strep. Now, after IVIg I do not increase antibiotics and she has done fine. However, it has been almost 2 years since her IVIg and I believe her immune system is responding much more appropriately.

Someone else will probably chime in with some advice for you. What is your child's weight and currently how is your child doing?




amy s

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