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Our ENT says

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When I spoke with the docs office earlier - the nurse said his test came back positive for staph, not strep (see other post) and that the swab let them know they already had him on the right abx - because it indicates WHICH abx our ds is CURRENTLY resistant to (this changes over time they said). WHAT???? I didn't know they could tell that from a swab? REally? Have you ever heard of that? Wow!


Also...with this being Staph....his 10 days is over tomorrow...would you call and BEG the doc into AT LEAST writing the abx for another 10 days at least? Hmmmmmm..... In the past - the doc (who is NOT familiar with PANDAS but receptive to the idea) has had NOT problem with having our ds on abx for extended periods to make sure all the infection was gone (and that was before he ever even HEARD of PANDAS).


Egads. Thanks in advance, GH :blink:

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This has been mentioned on here before...that the ENT says they can do something to the bacteria to see what antibiotic is best. I think the issue with doing this is that things "act" different in petrie dishes than they do in the body. take strep, for example. In a petrie dish, I think penicillin kills it every time. In the human body, it's not the case.


As for the staph, you probably said this somewhere, but remind me...was it a sinus infection? If so, you need more than 10 days.

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I know of "sensitivities testing" where they can test any sample of bacteria to see which antibiotic it is "sensitive" to meaning will fight it.



yes .. its called "culture and sensitivity".....assuming they cultured the nasal swab.

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