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Two days post IVIG and no side effects

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I just want to share what we did for my daughter’s IVIG since she has not had any side effects. Hopefully this will help others.


This is day two post IVIG. This was her second IVIG. The first one she did have side effects, so this time, we slowed down the infusion and doubled the saline solution. She is 85 lbs. We did 2gm/ per kilo of body weight. This was a two-day infusion with 740ml IVIG solution per day and two 1000ml saline bags per day. We asked our pharmacist for the most “reliable” brand that he carried with the least preservatives.


We started the saline 30 minutes prior to the IVIG and gave her Claritin and Tylenol at that same time (both days). We started the IVIG at 50ml per hour for the first hour then did 100ml per hour for the remaining hours (both days). We timed it so that we finished off the saline solution 30 minutes following the completion of the IVIG solution. Two very long days! We gave her no additional Tylenol, Benedryl, etc. She did take her normal antibiotic and supplement regimen. The first day post IVIG she went to acupuncture. Though, I don’t think it was necessary this time. (The first IVIG it helped with the side effects).


Hope this information is helpful to others.

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