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L-Theanine for anxiety


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With Dr. Cunningham's test. In addition to CaM Kinase, she checks anti-neuronal antibody titers, which includes anti-lysoganglioside, anti-tubulin, anti-dopamine 1, and antidopamine 2.


How do you measure dopamine level?


Is this a measure of dopamine levels?? I've always been a little confused about that...what exactly does ani-dopamine antibodies level mean..is it a measurement of antibodies that is attaching to (attacking) dopamine...(in which case more dopamine would be a good thing because these "bad" antibodies are inhibiting what dopamine should be doing?)


Or the opposite....that that much auto antibody indicates too much dopamine in the first place?


We don't have have high D1 or D2, (at least not when we took the cunningham test - which was NOT in exacerbation) but did have very high anitlysoganglioside.

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