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One Week Post-"Jumping Ship"


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For those following our scary "venture" away from abx, just thought I would let you know that DS5 has now been off of abx for one week, and despite the fact that my own strep came back for a couple days after discontinuing my own abx (i did not take any herbs, though), he is still improving each day. Doing well on all fronts: yeast, bacteria, strep.


Also, as of Sunday night DS2 has been off abx and he, too, is doing very well. I would say he is at about 90% (same place as when he stopped abx). I am watching him like a hawk b/c he had strep 2.5 weeks ago and I stopped full dose augmentin after 2 weeks...hoping the OLE keeps him steady. So far, so good...


Our Kids ASD - Olive Leaf Extract


This is a link to a website that sells supplements for autism. There are 4 high quality OLE products to choose from. In general, people use 500mg (standardized to 20% Oleuropin), 3 times a day, away from probiotics. This website will give you free shipping if your order is over $40 and you enter the coupon code: FREE at checkout.


Hope this helps! I'll come back with another update each week (good or bad)!

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great job steph....

so you are basicly saying ..that at this point ,,dropping abx one week and it is statis quo on both boys, as they are in same exact spot as the point you stopped...no better no worse....just making sure i know where you are....

thanks for keeping this public journal if so want to continue!!!


as you know with ds...i have been doing the circle of doom too...abx, probis..yeast..dyflucan,abx...

so i have really paired down to the min at this point and also ds still having trouble swollowing....

please keep us posted

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Great news Stephanie. I pray it keeps getting better. How do you give your kids that OLE capsule? Do they swallow or do you put it in something. Have you ever used the liquid?


Thanks mom love! Well right now I puncture the capsule and squeeze it out and mix it in apple juice. I have not used the liquid b/c I don't know of a reputable brand that does not contain the alcohol in it (do you?). I just ordered a different brand (New Beginnings), though, as the brand I am using (gaia) is not potent enough and it is a pain to mix it the way it is...



Great news! How encouraging. I hope and pray they will continue to make progress! How is your throat?


Thanks, mati's mom! Well, I went on another round of abx for myself so the sore throat is better! When I am done I am immediately going to transition to a high dose of OLE so it doesn't come back again...



Thanks for the info. I just ordered some of the olive leaf extract. I just took my son off ABX also as we are struggling with very bad diarrhea. I hope this works!


Good luck Packer Fan! I hope it works for you, too! Let's keep in touch, I would love to follow your progress...

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I also wanted to add that my 2yo has had an explosion in language in the past 36 hours!! I don't know what to make of it besides something that the OLE is doing (or the lack of abx). I think his vocabulary and pronunciation have doubled or even tripled overnight! I am walking around with my jaw dropping to the floor all day long! My husband hasn't seen him in a couple days - he is going to flip! Oh and there seems to be a major decrease in his hypotonia, as well! His actions/movements are so quick and precise all of a sudden. And he is happier, more interactive!! I hope this is not a fluke! I hope I am not jinxing this child! LOL!


This got me thinking that maybe the OLE is clearing out some resistant strep or maybe clearing out some viruses that he has been carrying around his whole life?? He has been developmentally delayed since the age of 4 months.

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did you start OLE while still on abx and then wean abx??? Did dr give you a dose or do you just follow bottle directions? sorry if you already stated that.


I have heard that OLE reduces the effectiveness of standard abx, so I just stopped one and immediately started the other. I have not consulted with our pandas doc yet on this but I will, I know he has other patients who have done this.


The bottle directions are usually for maintenance dose, not treatment dose. I have always hesitated to use OLE partly b/c I had no idea how much to give. But on the autism message boards all the moms do 500mg, 3x/day. they all swear by it for pandas. I have read every internet site out there about safety and dosage and every site states that you can't overdose OLE, it is safe over the age of 2, and that it is completely non-toxic (unlike other herbs like uva ursi).


I know this is not an exact science, but then again, giving a 2 year old full strength abx long term is not quite a tested tx either. I am going to have our doc monitor liver and kidney function every few months for both of my kids...

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I ordered some, I will give it a try when this supply abx done. We are getting IVIG (2 left, 1 is this weekend) Has anyone heard any contraindication with ivig? I did see on wikipedia that it can cause low blood pressure and low blood sugar(real concern for young children), anyone have any experience like that?

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