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A Few Unrelated Questions

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Bearing in mind that whether my son has PANDAS or not (I believe he does) is still in the air....I was wondering if there is anything I should know about getting him the flu shot. Does it exacerbate symptoms? Help? What is the feeling here on that... The only think I know for sure is that in the past, his vaccines have seemed to ramp up some of his issues (particularly back when he would rage).


Also...I do want to be careful to not start thinking he has everything I read about that is associated with PANDAS...but on the other hand, I don't want to bury my head in the sand and ignore anything. It's that "balance" I'm sure we are all always seeking....but here is my point...


The only thing he does that I think would fall under the category of a "tic" is when he flips his hand. The best way to describe it is he flips is very fast as if trying to flick off a booger (yes, I know that's gross! but the best explanation! LOL). I believe it is always restricted to his right hand only....and this behavior waxes and wanes. He has not done that, now, in several weeks. Partly due to the fact that "confessing" everything has become his primary symptom. But when I took him to the dr and described the hand flick - she immediately referred to it as a "tic" - and I guess just having someone else recognize it as such kind of took me aback (a moment of reality). Would the hand flick alone be considered "TS"...I would think that would be part of a bigger picture.



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It woldn't be considered TS, but would be a tic. To have "TS" or, what I call it "lots of tics that we can't firgure out what causes them" you have to have at least 3 tics - at least one of those verbal, pretty consistently for a year.


Tics wax, wane...and move around. So, a hand flick this time, can be come a head shake next time, or a wierd hop, or throught clearing.


OR - could be a transient tic (which is VERY common). They just go away. But if your child has other pandas symptoms I'd be cautious - esspecially vilgilant for strep.

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