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Tics & Immunizations - ?


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Hello. I haven't posted for a while. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post below. To summarize, my son who just turned 5 presented with facial tics the day after Christmas. We are working on removing yeast as I fear "leaky gut" is an issue and I have added supplements and changed the diet.


My question is...he is supposed to get several "booster shots" or immunizations prior to entering kindergarden next fall. I am very concerned that these may further harm him...due to leaky gut - and the whole MMR/autism connection.


Is there anyone out there who has a child with tics had to give them more booster shots after the condition started? And if so, what was your child's reaction?


I'm very scared about this, honestly, so I'm putting it off as long as I can.


Is there any connection here?

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hi angibrandy


a quick (((hug))) from a mom who has been in the place you are now...overwhelmed and very nervous....


it can and does get better the more you learn and try to do the good things, which you are clearly on the path to doing


The answer to the vaccinations is a resounding YES tho....many people have found that tics increase after the vaccines. However, this is not always the case and some get the vaccines and have no adverse effects!


it is a dilemma as I know one has to have them for public school and you also want to protect your child from these nasty diseases...yet dont want to do anything to aggravate the tics etc.


I would recommend doing everything you can to build your childs immune system with good antioxidants like grapeseed extraxt, bilberry, beta carotene etc (there are many) prior to the vaccinations.

If you are able to hold off with the vaccines for a while until you have been thru the candida elimination etc...then all the better.


this really is one of those rock and a hard place situations so i do sympathise.


I know some parents have simply been too nervous re the vaccines and have obtained exemptions...I dont know if this is possible in public school tho.


sorry not to be able to set your mind at rest.....but it is better to have the facts and so be prepared.


we also had immune strengthening biofeedback treatment for my son before he had to have his vaccines for middle school and a foreign mission trip.....the combination of that and the supplemental immuno boosters really did help enormously.



hopefully there will be some input from others here too on this

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Our DAN doctor was going to give us a medical excuse to postpone the middle school immunizations and reasess a year later. As Chemar said, he wanted the immune system built up more first. But he said depending on where you live and the risks, you need to make the decision accordingly.


At least the current vaccines (other than flu) no longer have mercury.


I know with MMR they said spacing them was easier on the immune system, don't know if the same applies to your child's age group e.g. if they bundle shots.



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Hi Angibrandy,


I will never get another one of my children immunised again. I have thought about this time and again and I ask myself what if they catch a dreaded disease and are maimed or worse?

After a lot of soul searching and by educating myself, my answer is that as long as I am vigilent in building up their immune system with the right food and supplements including heaps of bioflavinoids and giving them plenty of excercise and using copious amounts of common sense, then they should remain disease free. I can of course cope with the odd cold and bit of Croup!

A lot of my reading included Rudolf Steiner's take on children and illness and how the child and various childhood diseases need to mix to enable the spirit and body to grow and evolve. It is very interesting reading, I also believe in going to a homeopath or naturopath and using Medical Drs as last resort.


When my children were babies and I didn't know any better, I had two of them immunised against whooping cough at the age of 2months. My 1st baby was always happy and content and easily settled. After his first shot, he did nothing but scream and wriggle with pain for 7 days then for the next two months he was always easily upset, I thought this was normal. My second child at 2months recieved the same shot, he started a high pitched squealing about 2hrs later, this indicates brain swelling. The guilt I felt at thinking that I had given my completely healthy child brain damage I will never forget. I took him to the hospital and they said there was nothing I could do but wait it out. Once that shot goes in, you cannot reverse it with traditional medication.

After a lot of prayer, thankfully my baby was alright. I have since had the vaccinations homeopathically reversed, but both my boys have Tourettes.


You might ask why did I get the 2nd child done? Because I didn't know that children wern't mean't to react like that and nobody told me otherwise. The push by the Government and Doctors to immunise led to peer group pressure in the mothers group, if you didn't immunise you were a bad mother.

The only people that benifit from vaccination in the Western world are the pharmacutical companies. Now if you lived in the tsunami countries I would agree that with the poor hygiene and nutrition, vaccination is a must.


I live in Australia and I know that we can get our children homeopathically immunised, this is much more gentle as it works with the childs immune system, rather then bombarding it.


Some of our vaccination shots contain up to twelve different diseases in 1 shot, in the real world how many peoples immune system would have to deal with six different childhood diseases at once let alone twelve?


All I can advise is that you read as much as you can on the subject and look up the antivaccination websites, they give you the statistics on how many children still contract the diseases after the shots. If you already have a problem with the immune system working, why aggrevate it?


Sorry for getting on my soapbox, but I wish I had people tell me this when I needed it.

good luck


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Hi>>>I am a mother searching despartely for my 7 1/2 year daughter who has been suffering with tics for several years. I'm looking for more information and I am very intriguied with the use of vitamins and eliminating certain foods. Is there anyone out there who can direct me to an expert or books/research with respect to tics and treatment/causes???

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The editor of this site, Sheila Rogers, has a book that will be published very soon on alternative healing methods to address tic syndromes.


In the mean time, I am bumping a thread for you on 'one week to fewer tics', which is a compilation of some things that worked for others.


Also, on this page, Chemar has a thread on 'treatments that worked for my son', where she mentions both treatments and supplements she used.



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Guest Guest_Jennifer



The decision to immunize or not is a very personal one, however, I would encourage you to do as much research before making a decision so that whatever you decide can be a fully informed one.


Contrary to popular belief vaccines still contain mercury. They stopped using it like Claire mentioned, but the supply prior to 2001 was not destroyed. It is still being used so you need to specifically request Thimerisol free. A very good book to read is "What Your Doctor May Not Tell you About Your Child's Immunizations".

www.909shot.com is a very imformative web-site.


The issue with vaccines is not only about mercury. Vaccines also contain aluminum and formaldehyde, among other things. The multi dose vaccines such as DPT, MMR etc have more than one virus combined together...viruses are known to mutate especially when in combination with other strains.


There haven't been any long term safety studies regarding vaccines. The studies monitor children for a period of two weeks................reactions can still occur long after that. Ex. auto immune disorders in adults, Alzheimers, Dimentia. Not that the blame is 100% vaccines, but they could very well be a contributing factor.



After our son received his DTaP booster shot his entire arm swelled up like a balloon, got hives on his arm and four days later he had to be hospitalized because of severe vomiting and dehydration. Two months after his vaccine he started having severe facial tics that only progressed to a severe multiple tic disorder.


Check your state laws for personal, medical or religious exemption. I beleived that our son couldn't go to school without being immunized. I have since discovered that yes they can, but IN CASE OF AN OUTBREAK an unimmunized student can not attend school. Immunized or not I stil wouldn't wan't my child at school during an outbreak.


Last but not least, outbreaks occur even among fully immunized children. A vaccine is no guarantee of immunity. Consider the REAl risks of the disease and those of the vaccine and see which one out ways the other.


After researching if you still feel compelled to vaccinate your child here are some helpful pointers.


1. Never vaccinate during or following even a cold. Make sure they are in tip top shape. Lots of vitamin C 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after.


2. Avoid the 3 in 1 or 8 in 1 shots. Even though it is a pain for the child to get more than a couple of shots. Consider requesting just Diptheria then go in later for just Pertussis etc.


3. Watch very closely for any kind of reaction. Don't give them Tylenol for discomfort. It depletes the liver of glutathione, so it can't do it's job to detoxify.




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