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myrose: is your child still on Topamax?


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I don't think Myrose has posted in a long time. I even tried sending her an email but got nothing back. My son is on Topamax and Augmentin--may try weaning back on the Topamax after we see Dr. Latimer I have not noticed any adverse effects he has just been on it for awhile it works well.



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My son is also on Topamax sprinkle caps...25 mg...he is doing fine with it, no side effects. He did start up in the summer from June til about the middle of August but not sure if that was due to swimming in chlorine...since on topamax he seems to do wonderfully from Sept to June and then we had a few bad summers. He just got braces put on and we changed his multivitamin to a teen boy swallowable kind since the gummies were not good for his braches and he questioned me the other day if i noticed him ticcing and I said just alittle bit not bad and he said he noticed since he started the new vitamin his head wanting to more more and wow they were full of art. colors and flavors...so we stopped.


Our ortho is using a device in his mouth to see if bringing his lower jaw out will help with his tics. He was looked over the info from Dr. Stacks and is working with that...crossing our fingers that helps :)


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Nicholas continues to be on 15 mg of topamax and we are tic free. He has seemed to benefit from the addition of fish oil and taking him off eggs, and 90 % wheat free.


hope this helps. I think I told everyone here that this whole process propelled me to become a certified Life Coach specializing in health and wellness, relationships and business sales and marketing. My website will be up mid October , you can find me at Abbe Lang.com




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