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I'm not sure I understand what I'm reading about the myelin sheath? Is that more of the OCD part of TS?




the myelin sheath is i think the protective wall surrounding the nerves? i don't think it has to do with any symptom in particular, just that the nerve endings are damaged in some autoimmune disease, such as MS....so it is a thought that if this can be repaired, it can help in nervous system disfunction. hving said that, in the DAN community, it is thought TS is autoimmune in nature, so hence, trying to repair that is something they are working on. If you recall, I once talked of the diabetic drug called ACTOS, and that is being used off label for autism to do just that, repair the myelin sheath, and our DAN has prescribed this to us a couple times, i finally have him on it, and it seems okay, but it takes about a year for the reparation, so not sure at all where we stand or if it is doing anything. So with that, i don't know if thre is anything else that can help with this, but if the omega 3 or fish oils help, than i suppose that is a good thing.


(and wondering, who knows, maybe the process of 'repairing' causes the nerves to be stirred up a bit and this is what causes the increase in tics or symptoms with fish oils? who knows...)


About the krill oil, its been about a week here i guess, not seeing anything one way or another, we are still ticcing. i am tempted to stop, but he was ticcing before, so i guess i can't blame it on that. i'm going to keep going. how are things at your end?

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Hi Faith,


Try not to stop, get past the full moon and the fall allergies. I think if you are not seeing an increase the krill oil will at least help hopefully with school and mood.


Ok so I really don't get what my son is doing right now. He is instantly ticcing as soon as he hears stressful or exciting news. Then after a while it is gone. What is that... does anyone else's child do this.


So he is fine now that the Yankees lost last night. Will he start up again tonight when the Giants play, who knows? His birthday is next week and I think he will get more ticcy on that day, but over all he is not waxing as bad as he has in the past. His moon is still nice and picked up driving a stick shift in about an hour, he is being very responsable with his job too.



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Well, I've decided to try a different form of Omegas for my son, after re-reading the ingredients of the Flax Fusion (http://www.thebetterhealthstore.com/Better-Health-Flax-Fusion-Omega-3-Flax-Oil-Strawberry-banana-Bottle-16-Oz) I had been giving him. Th FF is a good source of the omegas (high amounts in small doses), but the three gums (guar, arabic, xanthan) gave me pause when I re-read the label.


So, I'll give the fish oil (anchovies, sardines) a try. I would have tried the krill, but it's costly in our local stores, and I didn't see it packaged in a kid friendly form. I chose the Nordic Naturals Omega 369 Junior (http://www.iherb.com/Nordic-Naturals-Omega-3-6-9-D-Junior-90-Lemon-Flavored-Soft-Gels/23068?at=0). It's flavored with lemon, but from natural lemon oil, which is a good thing, from what I can tell. The dosage might be a concern, since it's more modest than the FF dosage. I guess we'll see!



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Just wanted to report that since starting my son on Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil about three months ago, his tics have become much less frequent. I'd guess about an 80% decline. There a many days when I don't notice any. Wyatt is almost 9 years old. He weighs about 50lbs. I've been giving him 1/2 teaspoon a day.


Obviously, I'm very pleased about this. I hope though that the positive benefits continue. There is a part of me that wishes that I waited on this until he was 10-13 when his tics are supposed to get worse. But hopefully the positive benefits will continue.



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