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I just can't believe how well son is doing these days since starting the krill oil.


This morning not a peep! This is not like my son who vocal tics almost every few seconds.


I really hope someone else will try the krill oil to compare.


I just don't know if this is a fluke and the waning has anything to do with him turning 17yo in 3 weeks.


I will let you all know if he starts to wax during thr full moon this month.


Faith, what were some of the idea's about the EPA being higher that was better for our kids? Do you think the high DHA was too much of a stimulant for the brain?



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Oh, CP, that is good news. I was planning on starting the krill oil with Griffin after we get back from Mexico. I don't want to shake things up on my mom when she's here watching him. Funny thing though: after we saw you guys and as our visit went on, his tics diminished down to nothing. We got back home and the shoulder tic is back to where it was before we left. So, I'm really thinking we're dealing with some sort of environmental allergy related to being at home.


We'll see how the full moon at the end of October affects him. Thanks for letting us know and keep us posted!



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I'm glad you are going to try. This is some info I found on the krill oil you all may find interesting as well.


Krill oil contains phosphatidyl choline which is VERY important for the brain development, memory retention, and learning.


Astaxanthin is 100 times more powerful then vita A and E to mop up free raticals.


It crosses the BBB to help protect the eye, brain, and central nevours system.


The DHA and EPA in fish oil comes from triglycerides and comes from phospholipids in krill, making krill easier to absorb. Some research shows positive effects on the brain with in two hours of being taken. I would have to say that may have been the case for my son. I just did not know to watch for that, but do remember it was soon after he took the krill he was doing good.


compared to fish oil krill is more bioavailable and has bigger benefits on depression, OCD, and other brain disorders.



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so how long now on the krill?


I don't recall what exactly the reasoning is, but something about the DHA having to do with dopamine maybe and that is not good for the tics? i gotta poke around for some old posts, probably on the ones where the talked about Omegabrite? can't recall. but for some reason, what stuck out in my mind was that higher EPA than DHA was better for our kids....don't quote me, but it was the conclusion from what i read, and that was some time ago.


what is the brand you are using? did you ever do krill oil before this? i know you were using salmon oil? did you wind up stopping that?

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This is over a week now since I started it, only just 3 days since I gave 2 capsules. I gave him one in the morning and then one at night.


The salmon oil was not good or bad he just stayed the same waxed and waned as normal. I stopped because he needed to take 6 capsules a day just to get the 240mg EPA and 220mg DHA. I see the astaxanthin in salmon oil was only about 0.36mcg, but in the krill it is 200mcg.


I don't know if the small difference ratio in EPA/DHA in the salmon oil has anything to do with the krill seeming to be better for him? I remember asking Chemar if she used krill for her son awhile back but we never tried it because I thought the risk was too high for him and the cost is a bit $$$.


I got it from Vital Choice Seafoods.



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I've had my son (almost 9 years old with moderate TS) on cod liver oil for about three weeks now. His tics (never too excessive) have lessened considerably. Is this likely a coincidence? I thought it needed a couple of months to have an effect. I'd love to think that the fish oil is helping, not that the tics are just waning.




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Son still doing fine, only we noticed he was nervous about driving by himself to his baseball game. He seemed to be worried he was going to get lost because the field was about 30 min away, and a toll was in the trip. He called us when he got to the field and said, "Oh that was not too bad." His head was really nodding hard before he left but gone when he came home from the game.


So I don't know if this has anything to do with the krill, but at this game he pitched the whole game. He said he felt his concentration was really good that day and struck out 8 players with his curve ball. Any other year he would be really having a hard time pitching 3 innings. What I mean is we could never tell if he was hurring the pitches because of his tics and wanted to get off the mound and the center focus of the game (all those eyes on him) or if he just would not slow down. He was told by the coach he threw 96 pitches, this is no normal for him but he said he just felt so good and kept asking if coach wanted to put someone else in. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with anti-inflammatory?


Alan this is good news about your son, other then the tics being less have you noticed anything else with behavior. My son has always been a pretty good boy but has been kind of sweet to his sisters lately.???




P.S. Should know soon about the moon, he always waxes once the moon is half full until 2 days after full.

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"....struck out 8 players with his curve ball........so sweet to his sisters....."


well now you are just showin off CP!, lol.


oh how I'd love to report the same...... :D


okay, i am giving the krill oil a try, three days now. we have vocals and some facial grimacing stuff going on, too early to tell, but i don't think i see anything adverse anyway. his sounds were kind of a high pitched shrill almsot exaggerated hiccup thingy, so i'm kind of gauging that. i still here it but see he makes more of a huh sound yesterday and today, so i'm not looking for overnight success, but i am going to wait it out and see what happens here. even if i have a day or two of good type behavior, i don't put much to it, i want to see sustaining. i don't think i saw any direct increase like i thought with regular fish oil, so at least thats good.


thanks cp, hopefully we'll both see something good from this. Bonnie, did you say you will try too? Let us know.


how are things for your boy BigAl?




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Hi CP, Faith, everyone else


Wyatt is doing quite well right now. The tics have really subsided. I'm hoping that's because of the fish oil, but I don't know. He's in third grade and school is also going quite well. He has some learning issues. ADHD, and he was recently diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning disorder (anybody else out there whose child has this). He did pretty well in school in first and second grade, but there have been significant learning/anxiety issues. It seems that things are much better this year. He even said that he likes school. I'm hoping that the fish oil is also helping his attn issues. I'll be speaking with his teacher later today. So I'll ask that.


So does anybody know, might the fish oil be responsible for reducing tics after only three weeks. Or is he just waning. CP, no other than reduction in tics I haven't noticed any changes.


Wow I had know idea that the moon cycles can affect tics. Is that common?


Thanks everyone. I've got much to learn. I seem to go back and forth between Tourette's and Nonverbal Learning disorder. Sometimes I'm trying to learn about one, sometimes the other. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the combination. But I'm doing much better now, probably because he's doing much better now.



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great to hear this alan.....


would you say it took about hte three weeks or did you see some waning before this? if you don't see anything adverse, then i would say that is success right there as some don't do well on fish oil, because of increased ticcing, so that is a very good thing. being able to give this to him is great, it does supposedly have anti-inflammatory effect and that is a good thing here. i owuld think three weeks enough to get in there and take some effect, yes.

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LOL, Faith, You see I said "Kind-of sweet" (one got a hug, the other was told to have a nice day) You should have heard him with the showing off when he got home. This morning he remembered the two diving catches he made. I think what suprised me most was him telling me how good he felt. something has changed because he just does not talk about the TS that way.


I was telling Bonnie when she was visiting thaat I was really confused with the krill and the timing that I started giving it to him. It was right after the full moon last month and he always wanes right after the full moon, this is why i was watching for the full moon this month.


So glad to hear that your son is not reacting to the krill worse like the fish oil can. Faith, did you order the krill from vital choice or some other brand?


I will let you know when other stressful things increase the tics because I don't think the krill oil is going to help when he is worried or stressed out about something. Does anyone know when Ben R. is done being benched? OH HOW I HATE FOOTBALL SEASON.



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I am new to posting but was glad to see that some have had success with krill oil. I have had it for a month but haven't given it to my son yet because I didn't want to make too many changes at once. In addition to all the positive things mentioned about krill, the phosphatidyl choline helps to repair the myelin sheath which, when damaged, may be a causative factor in TS. Krill also lives in very deep waters making it less susceptible to contamination.

I have been giving my son cod liver oil but am worried that too much vitamin A may be contributing to a big waxing period he is experiencing. Has anyone had this problem? The waxing seems to coincide with when I switched him from fish oil.

Thanks for any insight.

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