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My son who is now 9 dx Aspergers and Tourettes or tics disorder has had the following tests:

1) Hair Analysis by Analytical Research Labs (3/08)- ordered by chiropractor

---identified as Four-Low, high manganese & aluminum. Also had some lead and cadmium, nickel, cobalt, Lithium

2) UA with Micro, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Free T4 & TSH, Lipid Panel - ordered by Pediatrician and Psychiatrist to check on levels from prescription medications.

--- Bacteria 2+, T Bilirubin High, HDL on line, slightly High LDL

3)Vit D. 25 Hydroxy, Lipid Panel, CBC, Metabolic Panel by LabCorp (11/09) - ordered by DAN

---low Vit. D, low HDL, High LDL

3) IgG/IgE Food Antibody, Spice, Inhalants and Mold tests by Genova Labs (10/09) ordered by DAN

---2+ Lettuce, 1+ Pecan, VL Celery, Mushroom, Corn, Peanut, Egg White, Tuna, Egg Yolk, Yeast

4) IgG/IgE Food Antibody, Spice, inhalants and Mold tests by Genova Labs (11/09) - ordered by DAN as NO enviro. allergies showed on first test and wasn't sure about reliability/validity

--- 1+ Lettuce, Pecan, VL Cabbage, celery, corn, oat, peanut, tuna, allspice, basil, cumin, mustard, peppermint, sage, thyme

5) NAET or Applied Kinesiology Muscle testing by different Chiropractor

--- don't have results on paper but remember we treated for corn

6) Allergy scratch test by allergist (4/10)

--- grasses - red top (3+)

trees - american sycamore, white ash (3+)

weeds - ragweed mix, English Plantain (3+)

molds - Helminthospoorium solani (3+)

trichophyton (1+)

arthropods - dermatophagoides farinae, dermatophoagoedes pteonyssinus, coachroach mix (3+)

danders - rabbit (3+)

cat dander (2+)

dog dander (1+)

deer (1+)

7) Spit test (9/10) at home

__--- couldn't tell anything as his spit wasn't alot even though I told him to get alot of spit in mouth and showed him mine


I know this is a lot of info I have put on here, but I am hopeful that someone can give me some insight into the tests that have been performed and what you would do next. My son is terrified of going back to DAN as she wants to do another blood draw. He absolutely refuses to do anymore! We haven't seen her for about 9 months. She last wanted to do a NutrEval (FMV Amino Acids) test by Genova Diagnostics. The second chiro who does the muscle testing wants to do a Sensitivity Stool & Gene Panel by EnteroLab. And if we thought the cost of $369 was too much, she at least wanted the Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test for $149. So would you all be so kind in giving your opinion on what test you would do next whether it is one of these or something different.


Currently taking daily - IP6-Source Naturals(5g), Vit. D3-Nature's plus(5g), B6-Carlson(50 mg), Natural Calm(400 mg) all in powder or liquid form and mixed with orange juice as he can't take pills.

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I guess the important question is how is he doing ?


stress is one of the worst triggers for tics etc and so if he needs a break from testing...then I would think it wise to take that break while you look at what you have learned from the results and strategize on the next move.


I do think sometimes one can get so caught up in testing that it makes things totally overwhelming and no progress is made


hopefully others with more understanding of your testing will be able to give input.


what did the DAN have to say of the results?

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Has your son had a recent throat culture (for strep, do the 72 hour culture if rapid is neg, NOT a blood draw, yippee), in case PANDAS is the cause of tics/autistic behaviors. (PLUS, lots of autistic kids seem prone to PANDAS.) Lots of PANDAS kids have positive cultures (or are strep carriers) without other signs (aside from tics/behavior issues) of strep (like fever, sore /red throat).


Sometimes strep titers (ASO/ anti-dnase b --blood test) are also helpful, but a good percentage of of PANDAS kids have neg titers, so this is in no way diagnostic for PANDAS.


****All of the above tests are normally covered by insurance.*****


Some PANDAS families also find that their children react to strep carriers in the household (siblings, parents), so throat culturing family members (and *possibly* strep titers) is also recommended.


Here is a more detailed flow chart re. PANDAS http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6688


2) UA with Micro, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Free T4 & TSH, Lipid Panel - ordered by Pediatrician and Psychiatrist to check on levels from prescription medications.

--- Bacteria 2+, T Bilirubin High, HDL on line, slightly High LDL


I have a question about the "Bacteria 2+" was this on the UA? was a urine culture done? were antibiotics rx'd?


Please feel free to post on the PANDAS forum if you have any more questions. I'm not saying that your child has PANDAS, but from looking at what tests HAVE been done, it doesn't appear that this possible underlying cause for tics/behavior abnormalities has been explored.


ALSO, re blood draws...have you ever used EMLA cream to numb the area? It helps a lot of kids quite a bit!

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