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What can you tell me about Autism/Aspergers Syndrome?

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A few weeks ago a family friend is works with children with learning dissabilties told me and my husband she is concernerd my son is showing signs of autism particually aspergers.


What can you tell me about these condtions. Ive looked on the net/book/magazines tetc but I want to hear from some one "real" about the signs and symptons etc.


Please help im really worried hes only 3

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There is a ton of information on the boards here that you can learn so much. Also, there is a lot of literature out from flyers, handouts and books. My son is dx aspergers and best friend's son is high functioning autism. If there is anything specific you would like to know, I might be able to help.

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I think there are 2 very important things to know:


1) Therapy and behavioral interventions seem to work better the earlier they are started.


2) Autism/Aspergers symptoms often have an underlying cause based on infectious, immunologic, or auto-immunologic agents, so those might be things you'd want to get checked.

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