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Have any of you noticed a change from eating HONEY?


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Just bought some honey because it's supposed to be really healthy, but then it dawned on me that I've never eaten honey before. I've got a cold and I'm trying new stuff to get rid of it.


So I decided to ask on here about its effects like I do before I eat anything new for the first time.


Oh, because I HATE getting sick, every time I get a cold I try new treatments. Things I've tried so far include:


- vitamins

- zinc lozenges

- echinecea

- goldenseal

- OJ

- hot toddys

- vodka gargles

- colloidal silver

- homepathic stuff

- elderberry extract

- garlic

- sore throat teas

- salt water gargles

- cayenne pepper gargle (disgusting, btw)

- apple cider vinegar gargle

- OTC pain relievers (useless)

- benadryl

- Dayquil

- Nyquil

- Listerine gargle

- Airborne

- Neti pots


None of them has had any effect on shortening the duration or lessening the symptoms.


People on the internet swear some of those work like magic, but I've not had any luck with any of them.


The only thing that works for me is vicodin for the sore throat, and blowing my nose a lot once it changes from a sore throat into congestion. Yes, my doc knows I take vicodin. He gave me some cuz last time I was in his office I couldn't even talk without my eyes tearing up due to pain. Ever since I had mono in high school, whenever I get a sore throat now it is HORRIBLE pain.


Oh, and ice cream works for the pain sometimes, too (yes I know it's dairy). And I drink some of those Odwalla or Naked brand smoothies that they sell in the produce department in grocery stores. They're expensive, but they feel good on my throat and they're thick so they kinda coat it which feels nice.



Anyway, honey: yay or nay (as far as affecting tics)?

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I have posted a lot about my son eating daily raw organic honey for his overall health


no increase in tics from it, in fact only benefits noted in the few years that he has been taking it


SWEET! Going to throw some honey in this tea right now!




Uh... you don't have to refrigerate it once its open or anything do you?

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no refrigeration needed.


the raw organic honey has definite advantage over the more "mass produced" brands. It is straw colored and coagulated at room temp ie not runny honey. local honey is also supposed to be more helpful for allergies


excellent natural antimicrobial

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I give my son honey and haven't noticed any increase in tics from it. I worked with a guy that took a tablespoon of honey every morning and said it helped him fight illness. Not so sure about the scientific accuracy of that last part, but thought I'd share.


No, it doesn't need to be in the fridge :)


Hope you feel better!

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