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Found 1 result

  1. The events I will tell you about occurred only 3 weeks ago. Suddenly and without warning I fell into a deep and dangerous depression. My mother was frightened at my state so she called the police and they found me huddled in a corner crying, not good. I explained to them that it is physical and I do not want to see another psychiatrist, I already see the best one in the state of florida. I showed them all my medical records. I showed them everything I was diagnosed with. I told the cops that I spend almost all day lying in bed with unspeakable and death-like fatigue and on top of it I have OCD. I AM DEPRESSED B/C I AM MISERABLE AND SICK. Once they hear "depression" and "ocd". I am baker acted but they promise to take me to the ER to get "fresh new eyes to look at my medical problems" b/c the cop is SOOO understanding since he has chrohn's. Insert "eye roll". I was taken to the ER and locked in a room for 8 hours, nobody came to bring me any food and water even though I told them I have TERRIBLE dysautonomia (hyperadrenergic pots) and need hydration as well as medication in the afternoon for tachycardia. They didn't bring me anything and it turns out they just forgot about me. None of the douchey doctors had heard of PANDAS. I told them I have movement disorder stuff. Fast forward to 10 pm, I have never felt so fatigued in all MY LIFE. A security guard takes me to the psych ward. I then have to do a 2 hour interview intake with a psych nurse, who in his defense was very caring and compassionate. By this point, I had periods where I thought I would pass out, I would drift in and out when finally in my bed. The psychiatrist who came in was my first doctor ever, THANK GOD, she had treated me for 4 years starting at age 18. She knew all the physical stuff and once she looked at my chart and saw that I'd tried almost every psychotropic medication, she let me go home. Sadly, they had NO recommendations for my depression which has not changed since that week. I share this experience to tell you don't go to the ER. The male psych nurse told me that right when they hear: "depression" "ocd" "insomnia" - to the psych ward you will be shipped. The ER doctors are in residency, arrogant, and don't know anything about complexity or rarity. The ER is way too busy and I was overlooked. This would be very detrimental to my health. That week I developed c-diff, worsening of tonsil and throat infection, UTI, and vag. yeast infection. I did not have any infections at the time I went into the hospital. I am still taking abx weeks later to treat them. I think the trip was far too hard on my body. I expected to be seen by a neurologist, someone, anyone, who was willing to help. AVOID THE ER.
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