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Found 2 results

  1. ds 10 has not just one 'rare' condition of PANDAS but also has a supernumerary tooth - seems somewhere around a 5% or lower prevalence -- here's to my one in a million kid! (also he has 2E learning status) this in and of itself is not troublesome -- may people do just fine with them in place. however, for him, it is impeding the permanent tooth eruption and has actually caused that tooth to move almost horizontally into other tooth roots. he may actually lose that permanent tooth. so - this needs to come out -- the primary tooth that is in place, the supernumerary pebble and strong possibility the permanent tooth. this is a procedure that could be done in an office under sedation and nitrous oxide. for most people, it would be an office procedure. our ortho suggests doing it in his office under valium and nitrous. ds is very comfortable at this office and with this doc. our ped thinks ds is too sensitive and best situation is knocked out. the oral surgeon would do it in his office but was certainly agreeable if I thought it should be in the hospital. our integrative MD has a background in anesthesia and thought that would be a good option to just knock him out. I have concerns about anesthesia and effects that could have. the hospital route is certainly more expensive. I have read some troubles about nitrous and ASD kids(ds is not technically on the spectrum - I just mean similarities of sensitive kids). I have concerns if they get started and he is too sensitive and it would have been better to be knocked out. what if he would have done okay in office and I subject him to unnecessary anesthesia? any opinions to share? thanks.
  2. my kids are fully vaccinated, except ds10 didn't get 2nd chickenpox. I think ds10 had some reaction to first chickenpox b/c when I got his medical records, there was a note that I had called, but my dh nor I remembered that, so it couldn't have been too bad. it was only after PANDAS onset that we thought about it. ds12 did not have reactions to vaccinations. he is my 'milder' PANS child. this year, my state is requiring Tdap and meningococcal vaccs for school. I had always thought I would test blood titers for future vaccines. however, blood test results do not substitute for either of these. one of the things that bugs me about this is. . . ALL of the cases at Princeton and UCSB last year were strain B - the deadliest. The vacc protects against strains A,C, Y, and W-135 but not B. there is no US approved vacc against B. I can get a religious exemption so I know I don't have to do them, but my question is what are opinions of those with older kids on these two vaccs. any opinions? thanks.
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