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Found 2 results

  1. I came across this scholarly article via PubMed while researching something, and was pleased to see it. There are many studies and articles on this topic, but often conventional research & medicine see it more as a "fringe" idea, and also often overlook the volume of anecdotal evidence there is now so freely available that supports this premise. My own family is a proof positive "anecdotal" story of the vital role of correct dietary nutrition (with nutritional supplementation where needed) in helping to treat neurology without, or with less, pharma drugs and their potential negative side effects. Because there is Crohn's Disease as well as TS spectrum for my son, we are also able to see that Brain-Gut connection so clearly too. I continue to be amazed at how simple changes in diet and supplements can often have such profound impact on all those disorders, and how connected they are. My advice from our experience has always been - Do your own research and keep that journal on what aids waning, or triggers waxing of tics, or other symptoms. You will be amazed at how what goes into our mouths can either really benefit, or really mess with our Neurology, as well as our GIT. And for those already dealing with a neurological issue - the impact seems magnified. Here is the 2021 article I read today that gives a summary & some references. Dietary nutrition for neurological disease therapy 🙂
  2. Has anyone else watched the new television series "Black Box"? It's about a brilliant neurologist who's able to diagnose and treat people with very puzzling neurological and psychiatric symptoms while she herself battles with a bipolar diagnosis. The first episode I thought was okay . . . not life-changing, and the same with the second. But this most recent one (sorry . . . not certain what night it actually airs as I tend to set my DVR for most things so I can fast-forward through commercials) was encouraging in that it seemed to rip a page from many of our lives, and was a particularly spectacular nod to Suzanne Calhanan's "Brain on Fire." A woman is brought into the hospital with puzzling neurological symptoms . . . an MRI shows a "lesion" in one lobe of her brain, but without a biopsy they can't determine if it is a tumor, infection, or what. She checks herself out, only to return when she realizes that all she sees and all she intellectually recognizes is a "half-world," as though only what her right eye sees is all there is. The fictionalized brilliant Dr. Catherine Black has her copy three drawings, one of which is a clock; the patient draws only a half-clock, and like Suzanne Calhanan, puts all 12 numbers on that one half. They wind up doing a lumbar puncture and determine that her condition is the result of tuberculosis which has impacted her brain! Infection! I need to watch it again because, per usual, I was double-tasking, so I'm not sure if they truly did leave out a lot of the intermediary information/diagnostic steps (skipped them for the sake of time in a 60-minute series), or if I just missed hastily provided information because I was splitting my focus. At any rate, I was truly pleased to see even a fictionalized account that tied infection to psychiatric manifestation, treated it, and saw the issue resolve (with therapy, by the way, which was also part of the treatment plan).
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