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Found 1 result

  1. What causes low IgA? My son has had his checked several times. He is not deficient. His last test showed he was at 56 and the range is 71-263. I've also been told when someone has low IgA that IVIG may not be an option. What is the reasoning behind this. I've tried to find research but I'm coming up empty handed. In all his testing, his IgA has never shown to be in a normal range. My son's cardiologist is considering doing a low dosage of IVIG to see if it would help his low blood pressure and get rid of the antibodies. However, he has held off on this treatment because the Bixan seems to be helping with the low blood pressure but not the rest of his symptoms.. However, I'm wondering how we are going to get rid of the antibodies in the brain. Is IVIG and PEX the only way to do this when your kid has been sick for over 3 years? Is a low dosage of IVIG better to start with when your kid has a low IgA? I am getting ready to go see the cardiologist this next week. Our cardiologist has already got approval from our insurance for the treatment. Not sure if we should go for it. Any reasearch or opinions would be helpful at this time. I am reading Buhner's books and really want to pursue the herbal route first. Has anyone done IVIG with herbal supplements?
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