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Found 3 results

  1. I found a great article this morning that discusses the microbiome and it's connection to brain related disorders such as autism. Great explanations of GcMAF and nagalase as well for anyone who's interested. https://riordanclinic.org/2013/01/the-super-probiotic/
  2. Anyone fasting? I thought this was an interesting article. This would drop the high histmaine levels down. Does anyone do fasting with their children? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/06/140605141507.htm
  3. Me again. Nothing is helping our dd. Nothing. Over 10 years of extreme anxiety, (and I do mean extreme), OCD, intrusive thoughts, anorexia nervosa, etc... We're always thinking we've found an answer, but it never works out. Current doc is beginning to think it's just her low weight causing all the trouble, even though we've told her repeatedly that this started years before the eating disorder, with urinary frequency and anxiety. Everyone wants this to be "mental" so they don't have to deal with it. Dd recently became extremely exhausted, nauseus, heavy leg feeling and temp as low as 94.2 - but doc insists it's because she doesn't eat enough protein. (We've told her REPEATEDLY that dd eats LOTS of protein - but once "eating disorder" is thought of they assume it's all connected to that. Ugh... Fortunately, this illness occurred at the same time I requested some labwork, and the labwork came back positive for mycoP and positive for ASO titer. Sadly, she's been on abx for them, and it doesn't do any good. We went to a psychiatrist who specializes in methylation issues. It's obvious from his office protocol that he leans toward metals issues. (You know what I mean... some LLMD's assume everyone has Lyme until proven otherwise!) The thing is, he did do a provoked metal test and dd DID show high lead and mercury. According to this doc, that is why dd takes abx for strep, myco, etc, etc, and rarely clears it. He says the metals are screwing up her immune system so she is unable to respond correctly to the abx. I've researched a lot of what he's said, and it does seem to make sense. (But doesn't it all at the time when we're desperate and tired?) IF he's right, and getting rid of the metals helps her immune system, then all these weird symptoms of so many other things she has might actually go away. Wouldn't this explain why the PANDAS/PANS kids KEEP getting sick over and over? Something like metals is keeping the immune system screwed up, and that's why there are recurring problems? Antibiotics never bring our dd anywhere close to a baseline - although they can help with extreme fatigue and the kind of intrusive thoughts where she literally grabs her head and screams, "Please make them go away!" But the thoughts are always there, and the anxiety for her makes life not worth living. Another year, and college classes have to be cancelled AGAIN. She truly has no life and nothing to look forward to. She worked her butt off to get a wonderful scholarship, and this disorder has taken it all away. Has anyone tried removing the metals to see if it helps, or are we just barking up another wrong tree?
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