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Found 1 result

  1. So as I sort of expected, DS17 has both CBS and BHMT hetero mutations, hence the failure of my attempts to give him "nice soothing epsom salt baths" that turned him into a furious ball of anger looking for a target. He has a bunch of other mutations too, some of which require conflicting support (both push and restrict taurine, for example.) I really wish there was a doctor where you could just go up to them and say, "Here are DSs 23andme results, please tell me what to do," and he would know, as opposed to asking what I want to do. (What I want to do is have several large gin and tonics, but that doesn't seem helpful to anyone but me.) I know that I need to go to all of the references that LLM has very very helpfully provided and read through them and figure it all out, (and then break through DH's wall of denial and disbelief) and I will do that, but is there actually a doctor anywhere near NYC or available on Skype who can work with me on this? OK, whine is over. I should actually be happy, since now I have an actual clue as to what is going on, and that puts me ahead of 90% of the doctors that I have worked with! Thanks to all the hardworking people on this board who figured this out (LLM) and who fearlessly post about it so the slower of us can catch up and get it! Lynn
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