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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for a doctor for my son with tics who is 11. I KNOW it can be controlled with diet and sleep, but my husband does not believe me. I have stopped my son's tics 4 different times over the last 4 years when I was able to help him eat clean and get solid sleep. Looking for a doctor to confirm and do food intolerance testing if possible to show my husband proof. Also, just need a professional that has worked with this, so my husband will believe that it is true and not something that is just made up. Thank you! Anyone else having trouble convincing a spouse? Any suggestions?
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good naturopath who could help me with supplement suggestions and dosing for my 4yo with transient tic disorder?
  3. Hello, I'm writing on behalf of my friend whose son 11yo has severe tourette's and ADHD. He's been on all kinds of medication, vitamins and supplements, but none of them has worked on him. The devastated mom recently heard about PANDAS, and her son's pediatrician is skeptical about it(=doesn't know much about it), so she is in a search for a doctor who can test and treat PANDAS in Wilmington NC or somewhere near around. Does anybody have a recommendation? Thank you!!!
  4. PANS/PANDAS doctor in Utah Dr. Voss 376 E 400 S, Springville, UT 84663 (801) 465-4896
  5. So over the past couple of months we worked really hard and ivig was approved for the diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis. I had to go back up to NYU for a week inpatient, and it was the hardest thing I've EVER DONE because of how sick I am, how bad my bladder is, and how bad the ocd is. I came home expecting to get back to ivig but there is a HUGE HICCUP. I am only approved for ivig at one of the local hospitals (the main one where my mom works) but we cannot find a doctor to manage and oversee treatment and any potential side effects, even though I tolerated ivig better than any medication I've ever taken. We saw an: immunologist, and rheumatologist and they refused to take on my case. Then I was referred to 2 different neuro's and they both refused to see me. They all say they've never heard of AE and can't help and all seem scared and worried. I contacted doctors at nyu and they don't know anyone in the south except duke which is 9 hours away. I contact AE alliance and they said there's nobody in my area. Insurance will only do LOCAL IVIG AT LOCAL HOSPITAL. My bladder and ocd are getting worse, they feed off of each other. My mind is now telling me that all these things are bad there's a huge list of things I can't do according to ocd so it leaves me with essentially nothing to do. I feel like I can't go on even another 6 months to try treatment, it's just that bad. Bladder keeps me from having any enjoyment or sleep or rest in life. Insurance has denied botox treatment and I've tried everything else for IC. OCD latches onto everything I enjoy and tries to destroy it, I can't even watch t.v. or movies so there's nothign I can do but sit in a chair all day and lie in bed, can't listen to music either, it's out of control. Have therapy helped anyone? My psychologist is great but nothing has helped with ocd in past 5 years that we've tried.
  6. I am looking for a doctor (neurologist, neuropsychiatrist, psychiatrist, immunologist, etc.) in New Orleans who has experience treating PANDAS.
  7. Guest


    Who knows how to decipher this stuff, medically speaking? Just wondering if I could see someone local though I've studied it and don't really see much of anything. There were a few sensitive to this medication and 23% risk for gallstones but nothing of much value. Also said risk of obesity which I find hard to believe as my entire family is too thin actually. Bizarre. Not good to hear when you've had anorexia and bulimia. Anyways, still trying to find a local PCP but none accept medicaid. There is one NP, female, who treats lyme and CFS and lupus supposedly but not sure if she'd be able to review it or not. Thanks.
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