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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a blog that is loaded with a few more websites and helpful things to help interpret your results. Has anyone used the Nutrahacker site to see if they are on track with the right supplements? I am thinking about entering my son's results. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/mthfr/ Here are a few more articles that explain Sam-E. The last article discuess Sam-e and histamine. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/76/5/1151S.full http://thyroid.about.com/od/MTHFR-Gene-Mutations-and-Polymorphisms/fl/The-Link-Between-MTHFR-Gene-Mutations-and-Disease-Including-Thyroid-Health.htm
  2. Does anyone use SAM-E? I have read several articles that this might be helpful to my son's condition but I am having a hard time figuring if it is needed. My son has done the 23 and Me testing and I have been adding the supplements slowly. I thought maybe if I shared the results someone might could share their experience or possible send research that would shed some light on this. I have the heartfixer document and have looked at chapter 2 in Dr. Amy's. She states that Sam- e helps balance neurotransmitters. According to neuro testing, he does have problems in this area. He has high glutamate, dopamine, Norephrinphrine, Glycine,Histamine, and low GABA and Epinephrine. His serotonin, taurine, and PEA is in range. Here are the results. My son is taking M-B12, methylfolate, P5P, AL Carnitine, NAC and B complex. I am considering adding Sam-E and possilbly TMG. I am checking sulfite levels and have that issue under control. I feel like something is still missing. My doctor double checks all my research and has the final word on supplements that are used. Any shared experiences or research would be appreciated. COMT -/- BHMT+/- VDR +/- SULT-/- ACAT-/- MTRR+/+ CBS+/- GAD+/- MTHFR +/- MAO+/+ NOS+/+
  3. Has anyone had this testing done? I was looking for a test to check SAH levels and SAM-E levels but I'm not sure if this could be done since my son is still doing PEX. Is this the only test used to check for SAH and SAM-E? https://www.doctorsdata.com/methylation-profile-plasma/
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