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Found 5 results

  1. Would appreciate feedback on Dr. Murphy. I'm a 48yo woman with a recently diagnosed 16yo (PANDAS). Trying to find any support I can as I realize I've been suffering in silence with similar symptoms, especially attention, brain fog, executive fxn. My own handwriting is diminishing before my eyes. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi! I'm new here. My six-year-old daughter has been exhibiting symptoms that have me concerned. Here is her recent medical history: Diagnosed with strep throat 12/14/15. Treated with amoxicillin. Diagnosed with pneumonia 2/2/16. Treated with amoxicillin. Diagnosed with an ear infection 2/24/16. Treated with amoxicillin/clavulanate. On 3/4/16 things went crazy when she had severe urinary symptoms and wouldn't leave the toilet. Finally got her to go to urgent care assuming she had a bladder infection. Negative for UTI. She's been in a pull-up or wearing a pad in her underwear
  3. I really need some help. My family is in crisis mode. Before Febuary 23, 2015 my 8 year old daughter who was adopted from guatemala at 5 months old was a lovable young lady. She loved school, had friends, was very athletic, followed rules and was basically a very normal wonderful girl. She was a very easy baby and never really experienced any terrible two's or ever had any problem separating from myself or my husband. This all changed this last February. She came home from school and had a two hour rage that involved hitting me, throwing objects and running around the house out of control. A
  4. In the last week, DS has developed an alarming tic where he tries to bite something/someone. He hasn't bitten anyone yet, but he does bite himself (on the fingers, on the knee) and things like blanket, stuffed animals, toothbrush. I'm wondering if this could be a herx reaction from the Biocidin he is taking or a flare up b/c of a recent virus. He started on May 20 with one drop 2x a day...then increase by one drop a day up until 5 drops 2x a day, on the advice of our naturopath. Then May 29 he picked up a cough/cold from his sister that lasted about a week. Around the same time, this b
  5. My ds is 9 and was dx with pans recently. His symptoms started in December 2012 and it has been up and down since then. We finally explored pandas about 5 months ago and started abx (aug/clav) after 2 months did 5 day steriod burst with good results. Although behaviors improved dramatically we have never gotten back to baseline. Our ped sent us to childrens hospital neurology dept and they did ext bloodwork. That is where his dx came from. The neurologist prescribed ivig which was denied by insurance. We then were referred e to rhuemotologist that said we needed further testing but saw nothing
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