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Found 5 results

  1. I am so glad I found this forum. I hope someone can help me with my quiestions. My 7 yrs old son has tics. They started as blinking when he was in kindergarden. Then they stoped for a while and came back when he started school. We hoped they would go away again, but the opposite happened. He now has other tics. He opens his mouth a lot, nearly all of the time. He rises his eye-brown, does someting with his head/neck and he makes an r-sound. We are trying to be gluten and milk-free, not using artificial colouring etc. He takes vitamines, specially magnesium etc. It doesen`t seem to he
  2. Just wondering if anyone here has dealt with a condition known as Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain (CFAP) in their kids? And if so, do you have any research, resources or experiences you could share? A good friend of mine's 10-year-old DD was just diagnosed with this and, never having heard of it before, I looked it up. Not unlike PANDAS/PANs and a number of other "clinical" diagnoses, this seems to be a "diagnosis of exclusion," i.e., there's nothing structural or biome-wise causing chronic pain in the gut? Then, here, take this anti-depressant, try meditation, and call me in a week a
  3. I have been reading some old post on inflammation. I would like to know more about fish oil, bentoninte clay, oil of orgeno capsules, epicor, and mesosilver. How does is help your child with inflammation and pain. How much do you give if you feel comfortable giving out this information. Or you can pm me. My son has been living with daily pain ( headache, scalp, nerve pain). I do give him fish oil but not 3,6 ,or 9. In cooking, I use butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. My son has had the esr and cpr test and they are always in the normal range. However, recent testing indicates high Kynurenic a
  4. My 9 year old son woke up complaining of serious neck pain. Within a few hours he developed a neck tick followed by eye roll.. He has suffered from various tics for years. Has had neck tics in the past. I'm wondering if the neck pain triggered the recent neck tic or the tics triggered the neck pain. I'm hoping when pain subsides the tics will wane.
  5. For the past 2 months my tonsils and throat have been a wreck. Backtracking a bit, it started after my trial on valtrex (went very badly). Pain in ears, then nose, then tonsils. They concluded my tonsils were infected b/c of their size (different sizes too), pus, and very inflamed. I was put on azith for a few weeks which helped for 3 days, then omnicef which gave me c-diff, uti, and yeast infection (still battling c-diff, still on flagyl). Anyways, my throat, mainly vocal chords, are in horrendous pain. I can't sing. And that is really messing me up. Hard to talk, to do anything and
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