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Found 1 result

  1. As I noted in a previous topic, my DS is really doing well and we are so, SO grateful! Of course, you keep shooting for the moon, though, hoping that you can continue to make gains and further enrich his life! Here's my question. DS is in honors and AP courses in his junior year of high school, and the daily reading requirements in terms of volume are off the charts! In addition to his other subjects, the English and History cirriculums expect the kids to read, easily, 50 to 100 pages of text every night. DS has a very expansive vocabulary, and his reading comprehension is well above normal, as well; however, his reading speed is abysmal! It seems to be mostly tied to perfectionism, but he reads incredibly slowly and carefully so as not to miss anything, and if he gets distracted at all, he'll sometimes go back and reread a paragraph or even a whole page, just to make sure he's gotten all the information/material! Drives me bonkers, and it's going to put him further and further behind if he can't figure out a way to speed it all up! He's been given permission to use audio books for the fiction reading in his classes; however, that doesn't seem to be an option, really, for text books and teacher handouts. There have been times with DH or I would read aloud to him the assigned reading for a class, or take turns reading aloud with DS, and that helped drive the pace a bit, too. However, that isn't always an option and, frankly, we're hopeful that he'll be ready to go away to college and at that point, we won't be around to read his assignments aloud to him! So he's got to develop his own skills in this regard. I've reached out to the school and its reading specialist, but thus far the feedback has been that most reading programs are focused upon learning disabilities or comprehension issues, rather than speed. Some OCD experts have suggested that one method to prevent "lingering" or rereading is to have him strike through what he's read as he goes along with a thick black marker, but that doesn't seem practical, either, as he needs access to the material again as text evidence for assigned papers, and defacing a book or copying the whole thing so he can mark it up isn't practical, either. I remember the days of "Evelyn Wood Speed-Reading" courses, but I don't know if that exists anymore or if it might not've been complete bunk to begin with. And do you think something like that would help DS? Do any of you have experience or ideas in this regard? Thanks, as always, for your input!
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