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Found 1 result

  1. I don't post very often anymore, but my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We have been down that long road of recovery with our son, and we know what you are going through. God has graciously given us our son back. My son is a lyme patient of Dr. H and he will be weaned off antibiotics starting next month. He is doing very, very well--living a normal life, working, going to college. As part of his treatment, Dr. H has my son on anafranil. It has been very helpful because my son was sick for so long that much of his OCD is ingrained. My son says the anafranil does nothing to take away the OCD, but it does help him calm down which makes him able to stop his OCD before doing compulsions. And less compulsions has led to less and less OCD. Basically his OCD is not noticeable except by family members. The plan is to wean my son off antibiotics slowly over several months, while keeping him on the anafranil. Once he has remained stable for a year, the plan is to wean him off the anafranil, very, very slowly. Anyway, at my last visit with Dr. H, I was told that he will no longer prescribe any psychotropic drugs and that I will have to find a psychiatrist to prescribe the anafranil. I have some questions for anyone who is using a psychiatrist. First, it is very important that my son stay on anafrail and not be switched to another drug because he has done very poorly on every other psychotrophic drug he has tried. I am afraid the doctor may not want to keep my son on anafranil because it is considered a "dirty drug." Experimenting with another drug could (and probably will) be a big set back for him. Second, I was curious it someone could tell me the cost and could tell me how often my son should expect to make appointments in order for the psychiatrist to refill the anafranil. Third, will I have problems getting the doctor to see the lyme connection to my son's OCD? What can I expect with that? I have only been to one psychiatrist throughout my son's illess--a reputable doctor at a big-name hospital, I found that person to be unsympathetic to the infection element of my son's illness and frankly very intrusive into his personal life. Though he is much better and older now than then, the experience was traumatic for him. The personal questions were endless. He left feeling very much like a child with a permanent mental illness instead of a child recovering from infection. I would appreciate anyone's advice. Thank you!
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