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Found 1 result

  1. I did the 23 and me testing and found results I have posted elsewhere, but one of the recommendations I saw in the Yasko/Heartfixer documents was to try GABA at 500mg/day to soak up glutamates. Since most of the rest of the recommendations for DS's SNPs were slower to work on (finishing on the 12th of What The Heck are You Thinking in the case of DS, DH, and meat restriction) I decided to give the GABA a whirl. I used about a fifth of the capsule (or about 100 mg) and gave it to him with am vitamins for the last 3 days. He had both a major spanish project and a research paper due this weekend and had done nothing on either because of anxiety and wheel spinning. I expected the weekend to be hideous, including having to give him a lot of support on both projects, DS constantly starting fights with DH to divert from what he needed to do, etc. Instead, what happened was that DS barricaded himself in his room, found and read all his sources, came out and used the computer in the living room to put together his Spanish project, went back into his room and made the outline, and only at the end of Sunday asked me to type the final paper to his dictation. Even then, he was totally organized with all his sources, and simply told me what to type. He tried to start one fight with me, then stopped and said, "This break has lasted too long, that's why I'm fighting. Excuse me I have to get to work. Only those who know how this usually works with DS would realize what an incredible, miraculous weekend I had. So here is what I have done besides the GABA that might be helping. 1. He had been on risperdone and zoloft 200mg. We tapered him off risperdone due to weight gain and it seems like that made the wheels come off for him. But I thought (and the psychiatrist didn't) that the risperdone had been hiding the bad effects of the zoloft. So a couple of weeks ago I started cutting the Zoloft very slowly. Now he is at 150 mg. 2. I had stopped magnesium for some reason and I started it again. Those and the GABA are the only suspects. I really like this new child and want to encourage him, so I am afraid to change anything even though there are still substantial gains to be made. Any thoughts?
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