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  1. I figured that out myself within the first few days of making the decision to cut out dairy. He didn't like the rice cheese at first, but after a few days, he started asking for it, and then he asked and asked, plus he had bad breath again, and so I became suspicious and looked at the package and saw casein listed. It was only lactose free.
  2. It's genetic in his case. Both my husband and I have various TS symptoms, etc. My firstborn has mild stuttering and has had other mild tics, but he does pretty well if I just give him nutritional supplements in addition to his good diet. They are all high-functioning. I actually use these forums, because I like to do all I can to avoid synthetic prescription medications. We only use them for extreme circumstances. The Latitudes homepage says: So, that's why I'm here. Not everyone loves conventional medicine for everything. I do appreciate your suggestions, though. I just do n
  3. Last year, my older son ticced more when exposed to chlorine in the past. I have both of my boys in swimming lessons right now, and I hope to get through it all right. I'm giving them extra vitamin C.
  4. He definitely is casein intolerant, to make a long story short. I cut out wheat and gluten for a week. I did it for him, my older son, and myself (plus I'm nursing my daughter), and I don't think any of us have a problem with gluten. The times my son has had something accidentally with casein in it, even the smallest amount, he has had the sewer breath return and has had terrible tantrums. It takes 2.5 to 3 days for it to all go away. Although things are much better without the casein (and btw, I give him Daiya cheese now, thanks again!), he still is so negative about everything, shou
  5. Thank you! That's very interesting about the zinc. I'm going to the natural food store today to get some cal-mag-zinc supplements for myself, so I'll see whether I can find some of this. Thanks for the Daiya link, too. God bless you.
  6. Thanks for asking. He's been going w/o dairy, and I'm thinking it must really be helping with his sleep, b/c just three or four days after the change he started waking up even earlier in the morning, before his brother, whereas they'd get up about the same time before. I'm guessing it must be b/c he's sleeping better through the night; I hope, anyway. His breath is still bad, but I think it may be getting better. I have looked for tonsil stones, and I thought I saw just one on his left side the other day, but it's hard to see back there, b/c he won't cooperate well with his tongue. I l
  7. Thanks. Yes, I've had a systemic candida problem myself. What has worked well for me is a product called Threelac, but it has casein and lactose in it, so I realize in order to cut out the dairy for my son, I can't give him that. I do give him yogurt, though. I am now buying dairy- and soy-free coconut-milk-based yogurt, and it has live cultures, too. I may try to get some grapefruit seed extract into him somehow, maybe some other things like garlic. He actually likes garlic, oddly. What is a DAN doctor? Is the 'N' for naturopathic? I found my file with my notes on shrinking t
  8. Thanks. I know about the milk and gluten issues to an extent. I wrote some about it in my book. I was also thinking that I saved something on tonsil enlargement, and I think I remember that removing dairy was a suggestion to help them shrink on their own, but I'm not sure. I'll have to look. I'm not sure my children have wheat intolerances, but I definitely think my child in question must have one to dairy. I'll put these books on my to-read list. Thank you so much for your input.
  9. Thank you so much for your input! After what you said, I do believe I'd like to go get another opinion. I'll go see an ENT doctor.
  10. My nearly 3yo son is somewhere high on the autistic spectrum. He has a history of sleep disorders, difficult behavior, tantrums, head banging and back arching as an infant, extremely picky eating, etc. His breath has been smelling like a sewer system. I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of trying probiotics to see whether that alone will take care of the problem, since it could be candida. Could it be due to another issue, though? A food allergy or intolerance? I think he must have a problem with milk protein, because he craves dairy all the time. I finally bought some rice chees
  11. My son licks his lips like this. My husband says he makes himself look like a clown. I did this same thing as a young child. My son's lips are bleeding now. I remind him not to lick them, and I regularly apply olive oil. It will pass. It always does. I've noticed he only does this during the winter months (he's 6.5 years now). We are all supplementing with vitamin D spray, because I think that helps somewhat.
  12. My oldest son does this. But my boys have TS and other symptoms. They inherited genes (and probably received mercury from me also through the womb and breast milk). We eat an all organic diet, do not vaccinate, breastfeed, etc. The necks and sleeve endings get wet, and they get holes from his biting them. I've noticed symptoms get worse in the winter, and so we all started supplementing with vitamin D in nano mist form. Right now he has his lips ruined again, like he has on years previous, by his compulsive licking them. They're bleeding. I'm keeping olive oil on them and reminding hi
  13. I'm so sorry that no one has replied to you. I'm not sure I really have any good advice, but has the father (not sure whether you're the father or mother) considered sitting down and talking about this issue with him? I think that would be a good start. I hope you get this worked out.
  14. Is anyone familiar with Tiaoshen liquor for the treatment of ADHD? It's a Chinese herbal formula, and studies have shown very good results. I can't find a place online that sells it, though. Does anyone know where I can obtain it? Also, if anyone has used it or knows anything more about it, please share. Thanks!
  15. I am considering melatonin for my 12-month-old son. I would love to get some sleep again. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in over a year, and bless his heart...I'm sure he'd like to sleep better, too. He's a very high-functioning Asperger's type. He is very hyper at bedtime, and then he wakes up so many times during the night. Sometimes, I think I'm awake more during the night, trying to get him back to sleep, than I am asleep. Anyway, I will only use natural treatments. So, this brings me to some questions concerning melatonin. I need someone to point me to a natural sour
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