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  1. Thanks! What type of climate do you live in? Only one thing I don't get: We have closed up the firepace and sealed it off to keep outside air out. Why would you want to keep outside air out? I feel best when I am outside, unless I am either freezing to death or dying of heat stroke, and the more outside air I can flow through my house, the better I feel. Maybe it's because of the difference in climate? We typically have about 4% humidity here if it is not monsoon season. And....living without an air conditioner is tantamount to suicide here; it is still 97F this week (and I have the air conditioner on,) and in June it was 112. I can't live in those temperatures, literally. I would die without air conditioning. Do you know your HLA haplotype? (I have two of the four mold genes, and was sort of middling along not healthy but not dramatically ill, until I lived in this really moldy house for ten years.) MA
  2. I've had to abandon my house because of my extreme reaction to the mold in it. I also have an estimate of $25-$30k to remediate it, with no guarantee that I will not react once the remediation is done. I live in the desert where you would think there is no mold but the houses were built with evaporative coolers that "always" leaked, plus humidity inside the house during monsoon season was excessive. So there can be a LOT of mold in a house in the desert. BTW, it took me ten years to find out that mold was the source of my health problems because my house has no visible mold. Most of it is in the carpet tack strips, with some in the furnace/AC closet, the water heater closet, under the kitchen sink, under some windows that leaked, etc. LOTS of invisible mold. No basements here. The house is brick. My problem is how to find a place to live; I'm in temporary housing that is relatively low mold, but the situation is far from acceptable for long term. Those of you who found places to live with low ERMI scores (less than 2,) how did you find them? Where do you live (city, state?) MA
  3. Looked NJC-C4a up at Quest's website. Looks like this test goes through the Jewish Center. I'll be looking into having the test re-done. Thank you all ao much! I don't know where my son would be without this forum. Hi...new here, mold patient, do not have Lyme. I have had the c4a done with both the Jewish lab, last January, and through LabCorp, about six weeks ago. Both results were in the 8000s, on cholestyramine. The latter result, through LabCorp, was about 200 lower than the first result, but I am living in a less moldy environment now. On other things I have read here.....just had the staph test done, and I can see why a child would object strenuously to the discomfort of the swab if done correctly. As an adult with a relatively high pain threshold, I found it uncomfortable but did not find it necessary to kick the shins of my doctor. Test was positive, BTW, and I am eagerly awaiting the nasal spray to get to treating it. I've experienced *intense* burning when I dealt with nasal issues using a nasal spray of colloidal silver plus some DMSO, so think I'll be reasonably prepared to deal with the burning I've read about here with the antibiotic nasal spray. The way I described it the first time I used my home-made spray, if I had known ahead of time the level of burning that would ensue, I might not have done it. However, over a period of several weeks, the burning went essentially to zero. Then I stopped using it, not understanding at the time that I was treating MARCoNS. My recent MSH was <8, VIP was 10. January MSH was 5 (but doctor for some reason thought he should multiply it by 10 and that put me at 50 in his mind) and VIP was not tested. BTW, I am working with someone who is taking Shoemaker training. He's a neophyte but only 15 minutes from where I'm living. MA
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