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  1. We too have read about all the different things it could be, (Lyme-of which I've had for years even before I was pregnant with him), food allergies, environmental, PANDAS, Tics, Tourettes, you name it, we've read about it! It's so frustrating and confusing to try to figure out what is causing what! I am not sure of what is causing what right now. I have doubts, but then I go back to he got a Tic disorder and strep infection right at the same time so then I think it is PANDAS. He is not/was not as severe as others I have read about.He is still having behavior issues though. Back on Feingold 100% on January 1st!
  2. Hi all, Our son was diagnosed with PANDAS this past summer by two doctors. I am still not 100% convinced it's PANDAS, but I can't take the chance and are treating him accordingly. I keep reading about kids having reactions to fish oil and would like to know "what reactions" they are. We have had our son on fish oil for over 1 year and even before this whold Pandas/tic disorder started, but because of the PANDAS dx, I am afraid to discontinue. However, I have to wonder if this is causing it's own behavior problems. Thanks.
  3. We think so and so do so many other parents! We are new to the Feingold diet and started it at a inconvenient time (November 1st) which has made it challeing with the holidays. However, we gave it a good 1 1/2 of 100% with our 4 year old and he was a new kid! We are still on it, but have not been 100% with all the holiday parties in school, home and friends. January 1st, we go back 100% and then some. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone. The bloodwork all came back normal (no Lyme, Mycoplasma, etc...). One day I don't think it's PANDAS and then the next day I do. His Tics are 99% gone (I see one every now and again), but behavior is still bad. We are doing the Feingold diet the best we can with all the holiday parties. This is all so overwhelming at times.
  5. Hi all, I need advice on what to do with a 9 month rx for Amoxicillian. We just saw a PANDAS specialist for our 4 year old son. She thinks what he has/had is/was PANDAS and wants him to take Amoxicillian for 9 months. Since he never had the OCD, but did have a STrep infection that seemed to cause a tic disorder, he is 90% better now. We go days without any tics. We still have behavior issues, but those were present prior to the onset of all this! We know that antibiotics themselves can cause a host of other problems. What is your experience and advice of this? I have read so much of this and don't want to risk anything getting worse, one way or the other and am scared for him. Thanks.
  6. I would like to have that as well. We are new to all this and don't know of anyone locally who has dealt with it.
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