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  1. My personal email is elgasa@prodigy.net.mx

    If you need something else....let me know!


  2. Hi,

    What? Did they tell you no?

    That's a residential program. A great program! My son now (14) had good & bad days at Rogers, though I repeat Rogers was the "key" for him. Once he was physically well his brain was able to received therapy. Of course he did a hard work there but at the end he discharged recovered.

    Now he has a life again and OCD is under co...

  3. I don't know how to use this forum yet. Let me know if you received my message. Elva

  4. Hi there! How are you?

    My son has good and bad days....you know how pandas is.

    YES, we are now focus in Rogers. My husband and I just visited the clinic last week. It's such an amazing place. Surrounded by nature. Everybody in the staff are great people and very compassionate. They told us that they have received pandas kids before with good results so we a...

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