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  1. Hi Three weeks ago, my 15 y/o son had an infection. He's had several the last months, even though he's receiving IVIG, so OCD was coming back and a lot of anxiety too. DS told me for the first time in three years: help me, mom, please! I really need something for my stress.....it was heartbreaking! Now, he's taking Valerian Root and something else that in Mexico we called Passiflora. He felt calm and in better mood just in one or two days. It gave me the confidence to keep on using homeopathy...I'm using Ignatia, that really helped me. Starting DS carcinosinum for OCD though very low dose....and wait to see changes. Definitely, he's better.
  2. I'm taking homeopathy.....Valerian root and Ignatia. It's helping a lot! Now I feel better.
  3. It's wonderful....so happy to read this story. It gives us hope!
  4. Hello My 14 y/o son is doing pretty good. Even though he's going to school and he's already caught a couple of colds...he is in very good conditions. Thanks God!!! He's taking daily: Zytromax. 250 mg Vitamin D. Iron Quercetin + C fluoxetin (very low dose) If he's tired or I see him kind of "different" ibuprofen 3 x day minimum.
  5. Thanks! I will start slowly then....
  6. I just bought it today at Vitamin Shoppe (Quercetin + C) I've read a lot and seems to be a good supplement for these kids. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this helps to avoid virus and allergies. Just one question.....my son is almost 15 y/o, what would be a good dose for him? Thank you!
  7. Yes it sounds like an OCD fear to me and very similar to my son. Smells too. He started to use one doctor mask then he was using up to seven masks. For them is real contamination.
  8. Do you think capsules are the same as milk? Don't think I can get the milk in Mexico.....
  9. Great news! Almost the same story with my son....congratulations! God bless you all.
  10. Hello What about giving vitamin D together with vitamin A ? To protect him from infections during this school year ? Anyone that can give any opinion!!!
  11. My personal email is elgasa@prodigy.net.mx

    If you need something else....let me know!


  12. Hi,

    What? Did they tell you no?

    That's a residential program. A great program! My son now (14) had good & bad days at Rogers, though I repeat Rogers was the "key" for him. Once he was physically well his brain was able to received therapy. Of course he did a hard work there but at the end he discharged recovered.

    Now he has a life again and OCD is under co...

  13. My son received seven IVIG during 2011 and YES it was Very helpful. No more tics, no more Tourette and I guess no more brain inflammation . He also was in the residential program of Rogers Memorial Hospital and in his case that was the special ingredient for him.....NO MORE OCD or anxiety. He returned home two months ago and he is doing great!!! He's going to,school and he is recovering the last two years that he was so sick...now my son is living like any "normal teen" thanks God.
  14. Hello! I can tell u our experience only about Rogers Memorial Hospital. My son is there right now with big improvement. if I can help u please tell me.... Elva
  15. Great news!!! Specially during this time of the year....thanks for share.
  16. Simply beautiful!!! Your son is a wonderful kid. YES. I think our kinds are more sensitive to many things. In my son's case he loves to read and writing. He wrote a book recently and he has notes for two of three more books.
  17. Powpow - THANK YOU! I know Dr. Jenike and YES he is a great person.
  18. I don't know how to use this forum yet. Let me know if you received my message. Elva

  19. Hi there! How are you?

    My son has good and bad days....you know how pandas is.

    YES, we are now focus in Rogers. My husband and I just visited the clinic last week. It's such an amazing place. Surrounded by nature. Everybody in the staff are great people and very compassionate. They told us that they have received pandas kids before with good results so we a...

  20. Good news!!! I will pray for you and your son. Congratulations and keep on fighting.
  21. hello! What dosis are you giving her of azith? For how long? Thanks for your comments...
  22. I'm glad to hear about this meeting. .... Congratulations to all of you! excellent video!!! Today we are in Wisconsin and I hate myself cause we didn't realized about dates, with more time we could be there.
  23. I cried cause its so heartbreaking your son's story....it sounds like my 13 y/o son. He was such a nice and lovely boy as all the pandas kids. He also was very religious though he has fought with God many times. Before pandas he never said bad words NOW he has said all of them to God. He is improving like baby steps. No more tics, no more depression, he is eating twice a day though OCD maintains very severe. We are taking him to Rogers Memorial Hospital for therapy in a couple of weeks. I'm crossing my fingers this helps. I know your feeling! I have cried a lot too and sometimes in front of him. I guess it's okay, we are humans...we are moms...and we love our children. I wish I could give you a big hug and receive one too. I will pray for your son. ELVA Saidie and Tammi Stay strong!!!
  24. Its OCD...my son only talks one hour each day. Its heartbreaking! I liked your video. THANKS!
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