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  1. I want to start by thanking EVERYONE, again, for all of the advice, and goodwill. The support in this forum is amazing. I think that this has been the most overwhelming week of my life, save for maybe the week that my son was born! So, here's the update (and some clarifications): I'm not sure where the idea that I was ignoring the advice to find and consult a PANDAS specialist got started, but I emailed two doctors the first day that I posted here, thanks to the contact information that I received via PM (Many, many thanks again!)! One particular PM led to an email exchange with one of
  2. eljmom, While I've been here for less than a week, and don't have much to offer, other than a sympathetic ear & positive thoughts, I get what you're saying, and I more than understand that every situation, and unfortunate journey down this road is unique. There's a lot of information, and complicated scenarios. And, a LOT of diametrically opposed ideology, and opinions... and advice! It's a lot to take in. And, we try to absorb it in the shortest amount of time possible. If there were any simple answers, or even simplistic paths, there wouldn't be a need for a "here", save for moral su
  3. Hi everyone. Thank you, again, for all of the responses. I've been reading, researching, and making calls. And, I didn't want you all to think that your advice, wisdom, and even good wishes were falling on deaf ears. No, I've read every post & PM in great detail, and I sincerely appreciate every, single one. So, here's where we are: 1) As tempting as the proposition is, especially when feeling this desperate, I'm not going to lie to get antibiotics. My rationale for this is that I need to remain credible in this sea of "disbelief". Even though I am *rapidly* losing faith in ph
  4. I talked to my son's pediatrician this morning, and he won't start him on antibiotics, because his strep tests were negative... He did say that he'd talk to an infectious diseases doctor and ask if there's anything else to consider. Even IF he's right that it can't be PANDAS, because he hasn't shown any signs of having strep, I'd rather be safe than sorry. If there's even a chance that it could help my son, I'd prefer to take it, even if it turns out to be fruitless. He knows that I already had an appointment with a counselor for next week, and I get the impression that he thinks this is the o
  5. Thank you all so much for replying, and (unfortunately) understanding. More so than anything that I've read over the last two days, it helps to understand how this has affected others, and what I might expect, and that YES, he can get better! I'm going to call his pediatrician as soon as they open. If he'll at least start him on a strong antibiotic I can at least reassure my son that we've got an idea, and a plan. One thing that I didn't mention in my first post that my son had Kawasaki's disease when he was five. So, there is some precedent for strep causing an autoimmune response in him.
  6. Hi! I just found this forum, after reading, and reeling from all of the changes, and information that I've had to absorb over the last 4 days. A few days ago my son was perfectly normal in every way. And, by "normal", I mean by any 9 year old boys standards. OCD was something that I shook my head at while some unfortunate drama was playing itself out on the TV. It was someone else's plight or misfortune, or whatever I thought about it until Tuesday. If things got too uncomfortable, I only had to turn the tv off, and life as I knew it was restored. It started out as a regular day.
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