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  1. Hi, there. I just read your post and have to tell you that you are NOT alone. I just posted for the first time 2 weeks ago, and I am in the EXACT same place you are emotionally. You are much further along in this process, having tried accupuncture, etc. My son's facial tic started a year and a half ago... saw neurologist, pediatrician wasn't worried, etc. We did lots of tests and ruled out PANDAS, seizures, etc. But, that tic persists. I am a very anxious person, myself, and sometimes I think I'm starting to tic like him because this is so stressful! I try SO hard not to let him see my
  2. Yes, the first thing I did when this tic started was have his eyes checked. Other than a slight astigmatism, she did not feel that was related to the tic. He's also had an EEG. No seizure activity.
  3. Thank you, Chemar. I am always cautious about giving meds, and I definitely do not want to entertain the idea of meds for my little guy. I am also cautious about labeling him with a diagnosis... especially because he is just starting kindergarten. I don't even know if I should share this with the teachers. I just don't want them coming up to him every 5 minutes asking him, "are you ok? can you see? what's wrong with your eyes?" It's just so disturbing to watch as a parent. I keep thinking, "he had a couple of goose eggs on his head from falls, etc, in his short lifetime... maybe it's b
  4. Allergies? Really? Food allergies or environmental? My son has never had any allergies that I know of. Certainly, not with any of the classic reactions you'd think of. I am so careful about what I feed my kids. We have mostly organic food/fruit/veggies. Always organic milk. Am I doing something wrong? What about the ADHD? He appears to meet criteria for the inattentive type. Never any behavior management issues. Just a "fogginess" and difficulty shifting his attention from one thing to another. Could that be related? I am SO new to ALL of this and completely scared out of my mind.
  5. Hello. I am new to this forum and in need of some help for my 5-yr-old son. He has been exhibiting an "eye widening" tic since age 3 and 1/2. Additionally, he was diagnosed this past year by a psychologist with inattentive ADHD. The tic was subtle at first, and only picked up by our pediatrician during an annual visit. It had only been seen when my son was idle (watching TV, concentrating on something in front of him, etc). In the last few weeks, however, he's started doing it all the time! The eye widening is SO much more pronounced and frequent. My husband and I are TERRIFIED. There
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