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  1. My DD used to spin in circles when she was younger. For her, it was a sensory issue. She could spin and spin and never get dizzy! She received occupational therapy for sensory integration disorder. She is 11 now and no longer has any sensory issues. Amy
  2. Jen - I see you mentioned that your DS is having some tremors. My DD is also experiencing this. We don't have a Pandas diagnosis yet, but her ped has put her on some abx. My DD's right arm shakes while at rest and also while sleeping. The first time I noticed this was last April. At the time, I thought maybe she had hurt herself (she was playing on the monkey bars a lot!) It didn't seem like a tic to me. It lasted maybe a week or two and then went away until last month. Last April when this happened, her tics seemed to flair up quite a bit as well. In the last month, my DD has also had a lot of OCD things come up. She did have an MRI when she fist started ticcing and it was clear, but that was 6 years ago. Our ped was able to get us an appointment next week at our Children's Hospital. We will be seeing a nurse practitioner, not an MD at this point. If we wanted an MD, we would be waiting forever! At least this gets us started. She has experince in neurology and psych. I hope you get some answers soon. Amy
  3. We don't know if my daughter has Pandas or not, we are just starting to explore that. After seeing her ped. on Friday, she did put her on antibiotics while we wait to get the results of her titres. I just found out that there is another case of strep in her classroom! (Her best friend had it in December and a couple weeks later the OCD started.) Will she be resistant to that since she is on abx? Or do I need to worry that this could complicate her situation? Also, how long does it take to see improvement with the abx if it is indeed Pandas? Thanks. Amy
  4. We just got back from our ped. She was very understanding and did give us antibiotics. She also told us that they do have a couple other kids in the clinic that have been diagnosed with Pandas. We have an appointment next month with a doctor at our Children's Hospital, too. Our ped. is going to contact them to discuss our situation and see if we can get in sooner. So, I am at least feeling a little more hopeful today that there is some kind of plan in place. Amy
  5. Thanks for this info. I did look up some videos and I don't think she has those type of movements. I also just had her hold her arms out, her fingers eventually drooped, but she wasn't moving them. She just said it made her arms hurt. Amy
  6. My DD has also told me about some intrusive thoughts. This makes me feel so bad.
  7. I am starting to go down the road of PANDAS with my daughter. She has become extremely fidgety (some would say hyper)to the point that she is constantly bouncing her legs - even when standing and also practicially bouncing out of her chair. Could this also be a symptom of PANDAS? Has anyone else experienced this? Thx. Amy
  8. My daughter has had tics on and off for 6 years or so, never officially diagnosed with tourettes, just a tic disorder. We initially had her see a ped. nuerologist and she did an MRI and lots of bloodwork. Everything checked out fine. I was told part of the bloodwork was to check for strep. I never really asked about the details of the test, since they said it was negative. So anyway....she has been having a lot of strange behavior lately, very hyper and told me about these "thoughts" in her head. Clearly OCD type thoughts. I called the original neurologist, but can't get her in until the middle of February. I also talked to her ped. and she ordered bloodwork for her - seemed very open to the idea of PANDAS. Well, the nurse just called and said the strep test was negative, but they are also checking on the titres and this will take up to 2 weeks. Apparently, they had to send the bloodwork to the Mayo Clinic, they don't do it around here. Even though they said she was negative for strep, could the titres still indicate PANDAS? I am really worried about her, especially the OCD issues. I don't know how to help her in the meantime. Amy
  9. When you get a chance, could you also send me the info. please? We live between Madison and Milwaukee. Thanks!
  10. Now that I look, I do see a mag. citrate supplement on iHerb. I actually bought some taurine a few weeks ago, but haven't given it to my daughter yet. If she does tolerate it, would giving it to her along with a mag. supplement be the same as taking magnesium taurate?
  11. My daughter currently takes the Natural Calm magnesium and I think it does take the edge off of her tics. So, we are very happy with this product. However, it isn't always the most convenient to take. Does anyone know if there is a pill or capsule form of magnesium that would provide the same benefits as the Natural Calm powder? Thanks. Amy
  12. We do watch her diet as far as not consuming artifical colors, sweeteners, etc. She does eat dairy products. We tried Omega3 at one point and she didn't do well on it - seemed even more fidgity. As I mentioned, I really don't want to use meds, but I just want to educate myself about them. Thanks for your input. Amy
  13. Does anyone know if there are any meds that are used for ADD or ADHD that would not cause tics or make them any worse? My daughter was diagnosed with a tic disorder almost 5 years ago. I am concerned my daughter may have ADD, but I don't have that confirmed yet. I think we will be heading down the path of testing for it soon. I would prefer not to have to put her on any meds, but I just want to be prepared if/when the subject comes up. Thanks! Amy
  14. Both of my kids have had plantars warts and I do think it is a virus. This may sound odd, but we got rid of them by using duct tape! Our pediatrician actually told us to do it. Either soak the foot or after a shower/bath, take a pumice stone and try to file them down a bit. Then make sure the foot is dry and cover the area tightly with the duct tape and leave on until the next night. Do this every night and you will start to see a difference. It does take a while (maybe a month or two), but the warts will go away. I hope this helps! Amy
  15. Have you tried Crystal Light Pure Fitness? It is a powder you mix with water and doesn't have any artifical colors, sweeteners or preservatives. I think it uses stevia. I don't know if it helps out with electrolytes like Gatorade would, but it tastes pretty good! I have tried the grape and lemon flavors. Amy
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