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  1. We've been on three different antifungals, and probiotic (Florastor)- what are you taking for a prebiotic? We are not doing very well in getting rid of the silly, yeasty behavior- as well as the unfocused, ADHD type behavior. I'm seriously considering starting GPAS diet int first week in January.....really tired of all the special diet stuff and would like to heal our DS and his gut once and for all.
  2. The TICS started about 3 days before school, becoming more noticeable the day before school started. We took away his DSI for the last 48 hours and the TIC's are actually not as pronounced - I think we're on to something here. We told him that we believe the DSI was causing the TIC - it wasn't met with a standing ovation, but amazingly he understands and accepts that he can't play video games for a long time (if ever) but will be allowed to take pictures with the DSI and practice recording videos. Since he loves to play with this feature it actually went pretty well.
  3. Our son is currently on treatment ABX- has been for a few months. Every time we start to take him off he gets sick and then he starts having mental issues. We took him off his meds for 2 days for blood work the beginning of May and he starting Tic's vocally this was made much worse by our general ped putting him on Straterra. It made him crazy! We ended up having to place him in a locked facility for 6 days - so to have him so much better and to start seeing TIC's, and changing into facial TIC's has me worried. We don't want to go back to where we were a few months ago. Our Dr. has him on a 10 day on 20 day off program of Motrin- and had started an anti parasite drug this past week that he started on Saturday. So he's almost ready to go back on the Motrin - and might be on it immediately after I talk to our Dr. The only thing that was different was the Motrin and the new DSI....but now that I think about it, he's been playing more video games lately, so this very well could be what is causing the issue. He's going to be off the DSI the rest of the week during school, as well as TV. We started only allowing TV on Friday and Saturday nights during the school year as we saw a degradation in behavior when watching TV. We'll be monitoring what is happening. Thanks so much for your thoughts on what could be causing the facial TIC's. If we determine it's the DSI- then it's going into hibernation. We won't be very popular, but that's ok! Julie
  4. Our son started facial TIC's two days ago. At first we weren't sure if that was what we were seeing, but today it was definite. Our son will suddenly start winking one or both eyes and tells us that he can't help it. I've been racking my brain to think if he's been exposed to any sick people, or what could possibly be going on, as well as what we can do to stop the latest TIC (usually his TICS are verbal). But the more I think about it, the more I think it could be a result of being on a high dose of Motrin 3 times a day for the previous 10 days. The TICS didn’t start until about day 8 which has me wondering if the Motrin caused a flare in symptoms. And our Dr. wants us to do a 10 day on 10 day off with the Motrin- so he’s off now, and the latest TIC has not stopped. Another thought, is, could a DS system – playing video games cause a facial TIC? Our son got a new DSI system a few weeks ago and it’s been a battle to limit time on the new unit ever since. Our doctor was out on Friday and I’m not sure how helpful she will be. I’ll be putting in a phone call to Dr. T (NJ) as well. Our son had an IVIG in December and we're currently taking steps to see how frequently we can give him his IVIG's as our doctor believes he is a candidate for once a month IVIG treatments. Help! Does anyone have any ideas for what we can be doing until we’re able to get in touch with our doctors? For now, he’s off Motrin, and I’ve taken the DSI unit away for the next 24 hours to see if that will help at all. And we continue to be diligent with regard to his diet restrictions. Thank you in advance! It's been so sad to watch him slide back down-hill. Right now it's feeling like this is never going to end. Julie
  5. We've used CST for several years now and have experienced some good results. CST has helped to CALM our son down and help keep him more in balance. There was a time a few years ago when we were going to our CST therapist 1-2 times a week to help stabilize our son. Now we go every few months, more for a quick tune-up.
  6. Our son is 9. His favorite grandmother is coming tomorrow at noon - she'll be here for a few days, I think we are all counting the hours! No- we haven't tried risperdal. Sounds like we may have to consider it.
  7. Our son started flairing about 3-4 weeks ago and has really hit a bad place. He had a light case of the H1N1 virus in late March. He started coughing after being sick to his stomach and missing two days of school. He was only sick to his stomach twice, and then went into a slight sore throat and coughing. I took him to the Dr. to check for possible strep as he'd just switched ABX and I had some concerns when he started coughing and complaining of a sore throat. Our ped and I were actually doing the happy dance as a positive H1N1 virus meant that his December IVIG was working pretty well- as he'd had a fairly light case of the flu..... and was also around me when I went through a fairly rough case of strep throat that took two strong ABX to clear. Now fast forward. Last week I took him to a ped neurologist in MI that recommended we put him on Abilify....unfortunately that came with the bad news that it would cost $600 to fill the prescription. I phoned Dr. T and he recommended a steroid burst- another tappered one as we had huge success previously and we started yesterday. On Monday, I took our son to a doctor to run some blood and urine tests that will tell us more about his food allergies and amino acids, etc. He screeched at the top of his lungs off and on for about 45 minutes on the drive to the doctors. Tuesday he started cycling through telling me, my dh and two daughters that he was going to kill us. He is currently on Augmentin, Clonidine, and started Strattera two days ago, as well as some supplements through our homeopathic MD that have been slowly detoxing him. The only thing new that is going on is a sudden growth spurt- dr. said we may need to up the Clonidine, but were waiting to see if Strattera does anything. Strattera has some potential unpleasant side-effects, all behavior type stuff we'd started dealing with about a week before giving him Strattera- that actually have gotten much worse in the past 72 hours. ( I'm closely monitoring the Strattera, and it does not seem to have made him worse, he's just kind of staying in a bad place- however this am was better than last night). Right now we're hoping that the steroid burst will work as well as it did in October and we'll get our son back. Hearing your child tell you repeatedly, "I'm going to kill you" and then say I can't hold it, I can't help it is really tough. My Dh will be sleeping in our son's room to help our son feel safe- he's also afraid of being alone, afraid there are monsters in the closet, etc. and in the last 2 weeks he's had some urinary accidents- something that we've not experienced until just recently - and to help hm stay calm and in his own room. I'm hoping we are on the right track with the steroid burst, Dr. T thinks we need to seriously be looking at another IVIG- but since we are still paying off the one in December not sure when that will happen. So anyone have any thoughts, ideas for us? We don't want to put him in a psychiatric hospital either, as we know that any meds he's been given in the past he's been sensitive to- and are concerned they may try to overload him with medication. So one thought we have is my Dh may have to take him to a hotel to ensure that our daughters and I are safe. The extent of his violence is throwing things and recently getting made when his sister was teasing him and hitting her, thereby bending her glasses. Usually he melts down, throws himself on the floor and screams at the top of his lungs. Last night when he went to bed he had red ears, red cheeks (however, he started slapping his face and making himself red about 2 days ago as well) and huge black pupils. We had to give him his antibiotics at night and couldn't give him activated charcoal, but will be sure we are doing so today. I've got calls into our doctors for ideas- but any thoughts, ideas of what has worked for other kids when they are in this phase would be quite helpful. School also ramps him up- he was home schooled for health reasons this past year and just went back to school on Feb. 1st- and hates going to school. We don't want to reward him (he's also brilliant) and have him think that if he starts with the death threats, etc. he won't have to go to school- but have concerns that school is making him worse and are thinking we may need to keep him home for a few days. So that's all of it- any thoughts privately or on this forum would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance! Julie
  8. We're pretty new in our healing journey as well. I recently read Saving Sammy and it gave me great hope. If you haven't read it, please read it, it will help you!
  9. Our son just had the H1 flu- funny we- the ped and I were actually gloriously happy that it was the flu. He had a mild case she almost didn't test but did just for giggles- so glad she did. When he started coughing and complaining of a sore throat it got me concerned. We've definitely been seeing some flares. I've been going crazy with bleach on every surface as well- don't want the rest of us to get this awful flu.
  10. It's always a good question, was PANDAS, PANS caused by vaccinations? Our son was adopted from Russia. We signed papers when adopting him (via Homeland Security) stating that we would vaccinate our child. We vaccinated him and it wasn't until many years later when doing genetic testing that our DAN doctor advised that our son had a genetic mutation that made it difficult for him to process toxins. He advised that our son is a child that NEVER should've been vaccinated. And he was vaccinated in Russia and in the US. Doctors since then have advised us that our child was poisoned not once but twice, in Russia and in the US, and we were advised to NOT vaccinate him in the future. Deciding to vaccinate is always a parent's choice. But I would seriously question the advisability of vaccinating a child that is already showing autoimmune signs. Why would you consider putting live viruses in their already compromised systems? We found out that our son had PANDAS this past July, after years of trying a myriad of therapies, and thinking that our son was somehow on the ASD, even though he really didn't fit. Dr. T has been a lifeline and advised us that our son has likely had PANDAS since the age of 2-2.5. So as we all have regrets and think of things we would do differently. I would've researched PANDAS and had more knowledge 3 years ago when I first started getting inklings that we may have a PANDAS issue. I would've found Dr. T much sooner......but that is all in the land of make believe do overs......right here and now, my job is to continue to advocate for my child as best as I can and to stop beating myself up for not doing things sooner. My son is healing, getting better and I'm very grateful that this extremely helpful board is here.
  11. I'd love to hear if there is anyone on the forum that has used this supplement and if they've had any success with Anatabloc. Our son is on a mixture of homeopathic supplements and his antibiotics and if we can remove some of the supplements it would be awesome - we just want to be sure it's the right thing to do. However- the doctor that phoned me about this supplement is using it on her own family and since she is the amazing doctor that helped us get a diagnosis of PANDAS I tend to listen carefully to anything she tells me.And she checked with a pediatric infectious disease doctor that works with PANDAS kids and kids on the ASD that no one else has been able to help. So hoping DR. T gets back with me fairly quickly- and just barely holding myself back from ordering it until I hear from him.
  12. Exactly what I'm thinking. If we can find something to reduce the inflammation with fewer side effects that is a natural prednisone- wow- sounds great. I'm hoping that Dr. T gets back to me pretty quickly with positive news to go forward.
  13. Our of our doctors phoned me this weekend to tell me that she and the infectious disease doctor on her team did not recommend using Natrexzone (sp) as it blocks the receptor sites and in case of need for surgery, etc. our son would be in horrific pain as they could not give him anything for pain. She was very excited to tell me about a natural product that is 4x stronger than Celebrex and helps reduce inflammation. Has anyone heard our used Anatabloc? She advised that it has no side effects and is basically natural prednisone. I have an e-mail into Dr. T (NJ) to get his opinion- but meanwhile am very curious to see if anyone is aware of this product ad have you used it on your PANDAS kid to reduce the inflammation? Thanks in advance! Julie
  14. thenmama thank you so much for a copy of your letter! Very nice explanation. I've even thought of calling the parents individually as the school has been such a pain- but the thought of making 25 phone calls has not put me in a good mood. And your letter is perfect! Explains it nicely without being a germ-a-phob or having people think that their child can some how "catch" PANDAS.
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