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  1. Homeopathy is based on like treats like so what worked for my son may not work for your child. That being said, the strep nosode was what cleared up his intrusive thoughts 100%...it only took 4 days of dosing. Now we give it if his symptoms return (about 6-8 weeks seems to be what he has needed since the initial dosing at the end of October).

  2. post too long...

    other remedies took the edge off so he could function farily well.

    Please try homeopathy! Remember...it should not cause an arm and a leg to get a good hpath.

    My kids never used CBT or SSRIs. They use supplements and homeopathy.

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      What did you use  for intrsuive thoughts

  3. I have two boys that came down with P last year. Both responded to homeopathy...both with different methods (mix vs classical). We did use antibiotics for about 6 weeks each (both used zithromax but neither "recovered" with it...it was the homeopathy that took the symptoms away). With one child it did take almost 3 months to find the remedy that took all the symptoms away but the oth...

  4. I have been using homeopathy for a numbrr of years and have done some studying of it. If I were you, I would find a local homeopath or you could work with someone via skype. I am now using a homeopath at http://vcch.org . They use classical hpathy with facial analysis to find the right remedy. I think the FA makes it easier to find the right remedy.

  5. Hi!

    He had taken a few remedies Rxed by his hpath that just "took the edge off". I then found a remedy myself (arsenicum) based on his symptoms. Thiss made him 70% better. Then I gave him the strep nosode and all the ;symptoms went away within 4 days. The remedies are by Boiron . They are sugar pills with the remey placed on them.

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