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  1. Thank you so much. I would love the name of your naturopath and any doctors youd suggest. We live very close to Madison and work there daily. We saw a pediatric neurologist on Tuesday and he agrees with the likely transient tic but has no suggestions other than chewing gum can help. He was really bad on Monday and today was very good.
  2. Thanks Chris, I can't think of a recent infection but my son did have his tonsils and adenoids removed last month and tubes put in his ears. Not because he was having infections but because he had fluid build up that would not go away and his adenoids and tonsils were enlarged. Could something like that possibly have initiated this?
  3. Hello everyone, Where to begin. My husband and my 2 beautiful boys age 2 and 6 just returned from a fantastic, relaxing week in northern WI last thursday. The day we got home we noticed our 6 year old doing very strange things with his eyes. He was rolling them both side to side. We told him to stop and eventually realized he couldn't. We were extremely concerned something was wrong and we tool him to the ER at the American family childrens hospital. They did an eye exam and several tests for his strength, balance, etc and told us it seemed like a tic possibly from fatigue and to watch it over the weekend. Friday morning we took him to our pediatrician on the east side of Madison who did several of the same tests and feels confident it is a tic. He stated these are very common in kids age 5 to 8 and that they usually disappear within 2 to 3 months. Well it's only Sunday and my husband and I are having a hard time with this. I guess it hasn't sunk in yet that our little boy has changed seemingly overnight. He's still my sweet baby but it's just so hard to watch this thing with his eyes. He sometimes is looking straight ahead but wul, turn his head to roll both eyes to one side and then maybe the other side. Sometimes he doesn't move his head but just rolls his eyes to one side or the other. He says his tear ducts feel weird and the movement hes the feeling go away. He isn't having seizures, he says both eyes feel the same and this doesn't seem to bother him which is good. Can't say the same for mom and dad. We're a bit heartbroken although we know others are dealing with so many worse things in life. We don't want him to get picked on as he's very outgoing but also very sensitive. The doc said it is very common and not to worry. He said this is his second case this week and he had 5 last month. He seems confident it's just a temporary thing that will go away in 2 to 3 months. I'm hoping to get a bit more reassurance that that is what normally happens. Does anyone have any stats or experiences to share? He did say he hasn't seen this particular tic before - the eye rolling, but it's consistent with how tics work in that it comes on suddenly and the tics last for just a second or two and then are gone. He does it a lot all day. We have no family history. My husband has severe seasonal allergies and my son seemed to have them this spring so I just had him tested two weeks ago. His only allergy so far is to dogs and we do not have pets. I think we'd like to see a neurologist who specializes in this and would welcome any advice on local doctors. Could really use some support as no one in our families has experience with this so we feel very alone. We're praying it will just go way but we find ourselves continually evaluating whether it's getting worse or if we can identify any more tics, etc. The doc said it's possible to develop vocal tics or other motor tics as well and that it could turn into tourettes but it is very unlikely. I've been trying to read and research as much as I can and my head is spinning. Not sure what to believe.... Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom and God bless you all in your own journeys.
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