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  1. wow, i posted on here in 05, and have not checked back since then. in fact, at the time, nobody had responded yet to my post about alphabetizing. (i dont count letters, but i do add up numbers, in addition to constantly alphabetizing the letters in words/sentences). i see alot of posts about counting, but is there any new information about alphabetizing? i will try to keep checking back now that i see this post has lots more information. cheers (ceehrs!)
  2. anybody still here? abdeehillnorstyy? i would love to talk to other people that can alphabetize words like me. i am 31 and figured out i could do it in 3rd grade or so. it is sometimes extremely distracting. i do it all the time. i also find that i am always adding things up. for example, if i am driving and i see road signs or miles to go i have to add it up. has anybody ever talked to a doctor about alphabetizing? it is like i see the words shoot across my brain, from left to right, and each letter drops into its corresponding slot from a-z. like the toys you played with when young, where the round peg went in the round hole, etc. except each "peg" is a letter of the alphabet.
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