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  1. First of all, you have my greatest empathy. I understand and am willing to hear all you have to say. Second, can you guys describe this "breathing tic"? My son developed his deep breathe in tic around allergy season. Its like he drags the back of his tongue when he breathes in. I never know what to call it - it almost sounds like someone having an asthma attack who is struggling with breathing.
  2. I'm in Atlanta and just completed heavy metal and food allergy testing. It wasn't cheap - around $1500 and insurance didn't cover it. Thankfully we had a fully funded health savings account. The name was Susan Tanner and she is a medical doctor. She was very nice and may be willing to do a payment plan and/or only a few tests at a time. I would recommend the heavy metal testing if I had to choose. Good luck, Nancy
  3. Yes, I have her book and have read most of it So when did your son start showing tics? What kind were they? When did you start him on traditional meds and when did you take him off? What kind of supplements were successful? How is he now? I just got word back from our allergist and they're saying cheese and cow milk allergy. I'm really surprised because he's a HUGE milk drinker and cheese makes up a large chunk of his diet. So, I'm wondering how/if they could cause tics after consistent, frequent, exposure for 3 years. We meet with the doctor in a week and I'll learn more. My son's vocal tics have become more a "part" of him lately. They don't seem to take over as much, but quietly occur here and there. It could be that maybe I don't notice it as much, too. His cousins were here and were curious about them. Its a pretty stark breathing in/throat clearing sound that started right at the onset of Atlanta's fine allergy season. I figured that surely it would be related to that.
  4. Prior to 5 months ago, my understanding was that tics were a neurological condition that required medication. The information I'm reading about here are helpful and inspirational, but are single case studies. And I'm sure you're aware that nothing is considered "true" unless it is proven in a large scale study. I often read up on this type of information in my practice, but dismissed so much of it because it was a single experience and may not translate to my client's experience. And so in true karma fashion... here I am! Hoping that the information I read here can be true for MY child. I always knew that if I had a child on the spectrum, I would do the restrictive diet to help alleviate the symptoms. But I didn't know that the same could be done for children with tics. I went to grad school over 10 years ago and did a lot of research for my paper and it was published by a scholarly journal! My point in sharing that is I have some crow to eat and I'm humbling seeking as much information and experiences as possible
  5. Hello all - I am new to the discussion of tics as a mother. I have worked with dozens of children with tic disorders in my work as a School Psychologist; even published a paper on habit reversal while in grad school. Here I am ten years later, and my 4 year old son is having frequent vocal tics. Irony at it's best, huh? I believe my son's tics are the result of an allergy and am about to take him to see Dr. Tanner in Atlanta. Has anyone ever worked with her? Do you have any suggestions for specific tests to request? Also, are there any mothers in the area who would like to meet for coffee? I'd love to hear your experiences and share some of mine. What I'm about to do for my son goes against all the training and research I've conducted professionally. If all this works, I will become a very different psychologist. Even if it doesn't, I will still approach neurologically based childhood disorders in a more multi-tiered fashion. Nancy
  6. I'm new here - what kind of tic does your husband have? When did they first appear?
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