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  1. I found my jaw may have some problem . when I see in the mirror that when I open and close my lower jaw , the movement is not smooth , however I have no other symptoms. Maybe it won't hurt if I go to see a local tmj doctor . but no idea if the insurance covers that. anybody has any experience finding insurance covering ? Thx
  2. Thanks Michael. If the device makes my mouth not be able to close well , then, it's not worth it. one question, is Dr. sims's treatment same as normal treatment for TMJ or have his own special way ? would there be any side effect if i do this via local tmj dentist . I called a few local tmj dentist office , it seems that no one heard of that.
  3. If i wanna have a try for TMJ treatment , would that be okay just to find a local TMJ dentist ?
  4. Hi there, it that wise to try local TMJ dentist for tics ? what should I do , if I ask them to treat my tic issue when they have no idea of tourette ? Is the treatment 100% same as treatment to TMJ for tourette ? How do i start ? I'm in toronto , on , canada . thx
  5. Hi , so nice to find out TMJ treatment is effective to Tics . How come since Oct, 2009 to now , there weren't new topics ? how was it going for those who tried this ? simon
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