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  1. I don't know, but I wish your son well and that this helps him!
  2. Beeskneesmommy---You are a great mommy! We all have those moments when we yell and whatnot (or at least I know I do). Just remember to give yourself some slack!As far as the behaviors, not sure what to say except that my ODD who has had this crap forever seems to have more of the bad behaviors "engrained" into her more so than the others as she has had it longest. It might take a few years to get him back on track though--hang in there, you are doing just fine!
  3. My mom told me that at first too, until she noticed the huge behavioral changes in my son when he was on treatment of abx, etc. I think most of us have been told that by someone or another along the way. This used to bug me a lot,and still does once in awhile, but I just have to tell myself that I am a mom and have to be an advocate for myself and my children. Hang in there and follow your instincts! It is super hard when a loved one is going against us or our instincts as moms. Maybe if you feel you are doing this too much, take a step back and try to conserve your energies for the most impor
  4. Okay, my DS and I have strep AGAIN (although mine wasn't swabbed or confirmed)! This is the second confirmed case for him in the last 3 months! We are currently working with a team consisting of his ped, my doc, and Dr. T (who has been very helpful). Anyhow, The doc is talking tonsil removal now. His behavior symptoms have just shot out the roof the last few days to a week. he just was on 2 rounds of abx for M pneumoniae. That finally took care of that and then about 3 weeks or so later-BAM strep again. I am sooo tired of this! Plus, my mom died about a monmth ago. She was only 52. Her mom die
  5. pandas16--Nope, haven't heard of it! Please explain! All I know is the bloodwork came back with high eos and baso and neutro (I would have to get it out to check for sure) on the kids. Also had high IgE. They are highly allergic to something. They have all been on soy or special formulas. S&S---good luck with it! i hope you see positive results.
  6. Anyone tried parasite cleanses? If so, what have you used? I just bought some Wormwood stuff we will try. Not sure if we have parasites (well, besides Lyme) but some of the bloodwork from the kids came back indicative of possible parasitic infection.
  7. Wow, that is also strange about the rubbing of eyes causing breakouts! When I was pretty young, around 5 or so I would get dermographism whenever i would lie down to go to sleep. Itchy everywhere and wherever I scratched or evern slightly rubbed it would puff up. My sister and I would play tic-tac-toe on my skin!
  8. JuliaFaith--Really? That is interesting, because I have been told that my liver enzy,es were elevated once during a pregnancyt and I think even once before that with no reason why it would be. What can you do for that?
  9. None of us have yet been formally dxd with Lyme, but I have one positive specific band IgM 23 I think that was pos. Anyhow, all of us have had a few EIs here and there, but my baby had tubes in at 1 year and had constant infectin from about 6 months until then.
  10. LLM--thank you for your insight! After weighting the risks, etc, I decided to do the short course of pred. It is just a Medrol-dosepak with just 6 or 7 days, and the first day is only 24 mg which tapers from there, so not too bad. I am sorry about your loss as well! tpotter--I have had hives like this since I was pregnant with my son (about 4.5 years ago). They were there fairly constant until a shot of prednisone this winter for a bad flu where I couldn't breathe well. They pretty much stayed away until about a week before mom passed. Then, just when I got home they flared bigtime! I know
  11. I have just broken out with hives again, and they are the huge ones that are about orange to grapefruit-sized. My pcp is putting me on Medrol-Dose pak. I still haven't gotten in about the Lyme as my mom just passed away last week. I have heard steroids are bad for Lyme? I have been on them several times due to these huge hives.
  12. I really don't, but here is some info on staph in general, both positive and negative types. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/228816-overview#a0104
  13. Yay Kim! I am so happy to hear this! What an inspiration
  14. yeah, I am thinking they may have had the worst case ones on there. I relate to Dana most as well.
  15. I had no idea about this! Thanks for the info
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